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Camino Portuguese (March 21, 2018) - New Day 9 O Porriño to Redondela

Thanks to a number of you who let me know that there were problems with Day 7 and Day 8 posts as no pictures were included! The blog is a personal record of my travels so having pictures is important!

I have republished both days and I think the problem has been corrected...if interested please just take a look at these blogs. I am not sure if System Architects are to blame...I don’t think so.
Today was a calm uneventful type of day. We walked 17 km over 4 hours on an absolutely beautiful day.

Last night we stayed at the hotel Internacional... suffice to say the hotel has seen better days...

Hotel Internacional - Bathroom Light Fixture

As soon as we entered Spain one has the sense that the Camino spirit is alive. A perfect example was our stop at Flora’s at 7 km to buy an Aquarius beverage (fantastic!) and a chocolate bar.

Great Stop!
Flora the owner changed profession (was a librarian I believe) 6 years ago to open her peaceful little Camino stop. She really goes out of her way to make one feel welcome... she told Paulo a little story in Spanish ( hola, gracias ...ugh what do I say now?).

Last Sunday Flora’s was closed however she noticed a young Korean girl sitting in front of her shop crying. Communication was difficult but Flora understood that the Albergue was full and the Korean was really worried given the late hour. Flora invited her in her home, provided supper and breakfast the next morning and refused any payment. Camino magic... I expect the Korean pilgrim will remember this kindness for the rest of her life!

Paulo and Flora

We are seeing more and more pilgrims now as we are 4 days away from Santiago de Compostela. Paulo and I estimate that 80% of pilgrims are German...I have heard of one Brazilian pilgrim walking with an older hobbled guy...feel sorry for this poor Brazilian!

In 2017 301,000 pilgrims received a Compostela (walking at least 100 kms) in 1990 2,500 pilgrims were counted! Incredible!

At Flora’s we briefly met Nicholas from Paris who is walking the Camino Portuguese for the second time from Porto. He first walked it in 2014 with his mother. A young guy... maybe 30 (anyone under 55 is now considered young in my books... under 75 is middle age over a 100 is elderly) who is an electrician in Paris. Hope to see him in Santiago de Compostela.

Of course we turned the corner and voila Emile
My feet are just starting to be a little less upset with me as the healing continues. This has been my toughest Camino from a mental fatigue perspective as everyday self doubt creeps in... take the bus... take the train etc. As I write I am allowing myself to believe that barring something new I am going to make Santiago de Compostela!

This of course means Dr. Paulo continues his twice a day dressing changes on both feet including application of a special cream in the evening. Dr. Paulo has been promised a special meal in Santiago de Compostela!

Some interesting roadside decorations were seen today... man some folks are creative!

Interesting road side decoration!

While I have only seen a trailer of this film I highly recommend that you Google “I will push you” the inspirational story of how two friends travelled the Camino in Spain. Essentially one friend was confined to a wheelchair and his friend pushed his wheelchair for 500 kms.

Paulo if worse comes to worse...I could fit in this I think!
On to tomorrow where we have an estimated 20 km day. Some pictures from today...

Breakfast...Marc Cola Cao


Even I could not miss this arrow!


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