Sunday, 4 March 2018

Camino Portuguese - And I’m off I think...well maybe

It’s 7:00 am Lisbon time as I start this blog...the last day+ has been interesting! More on the “well maybe” later.

Now people tell me I like to plan a bit too much and overdo it in my preference to be on time. Not sure I agree but may have stretched things a bit going to the airport. My flight was at 10:55 pm Friday evening so naturally Dawn drove me to a subway stop at 4:50 pm (to save some time instead of a 10 minute additional bus ride). I made great connections and was at the airport at 6:15...phew a little close for comfort!

Found the TAP line quickly and noted 9 people ahead of me (actually 4 if one counts couples etc). Felt good about being on time...until I heard that TAP counter was opening at 7:30!!! The nerve of them...I still had to go through security!!! Oh well had a good chat with an Air Canada pilot who was ahead of me with his family of do they travel and he is on time too!

Uneventful flight...all went super well until I reached the Vodafone counter in Lisbon airport to get a data card. Now back home I had 3 months ago ensured that the phone carrier had unlocked my iPhone...”yes sir your phone is unlocked” A week before leaving I double checked...same answer.
Well...not so at Vodafone counter!!! “Sorry your phone is locked...dummy”. So 3 phone calls on a toll free line...emails...2 visits to Vodafone....many different stories such as “you have to go back to factory settings...which I refused to do!” and 8 hours later my Sim card works...ah the joys!

Honestly I think the technology Gods are punishing me for being nice to System Architects in the past!!!

Now my planning involved using Google maps coming out of the subway station to find the hotel...hmm needed data to do that! So I started walking and heard someone shout “Guy you are going the wrong way”...there was Paulo laughing as I was already...well maybe...well on my way to getting a touch lost.

Lisbon is a beautiful city! A sample park

My attempt at a selfie...apparently not too good at it yet!

My first meal...hamburger...was really hungry!
I mentioned in a previous blog that we were not planning on too much albergue type sleeps but today’s accommodation in separate apartment rooms was over the top luxurious. Turns out Paulo’s legal firm does work for a local family in Lisbon and they manage the Altis Prime Apartment hotel in Lisbon. They insisted that we stay here as their guests!

My suite at Altis Prime

Bedroom at Altis Prime
Bathroom at Altis Prime
Now the “well maybe” the plan is a very light day of 8-10 kms to Parques de Nacoes...just to get the body moving. When I woke up had a WhatsApp message from Paulo...during the night he visited the hospital and has a kidney stone! Message says he is fine and good to to meet him in an hour.

We will comes first... no question!

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