Saturday, 17 March 2018

Camino Portuguese (March 17, 2018) - New Day 5 Balugaes to Ponte de Lima

A great day to walk today...15 drops of rain (counted them quickly!) and sunshine for most of the day! We walked 22 kms in 5 hours...

Looking good!
What was most pleasant was that we were not solely walking without any elevation gain/loss. There small hills to climb and descend which added interest ... yes calf muscles let me know they were being used! Good stretching in order tonight!

Also nice were stretches on forest paths which while muddy in places were sure a welcome change.
My feet...well let’s just say I am still walking!!! Ponte do Lima seems like a very interesting town however after the days walk I simply have to put my feet up...further exploring will have to wait for another life!

Last night we stayed at Quinta da Cancela. The owner was a real nice host... he cooked up a great meal which we shared with Steffan and Allan of Denmark...salmon! The four of us are becoming old friends as we bump into each other at lunch and sometimes we stay at the same accommodations!

Trying to stay warm! Me, Paulo, Allan and Steffan
Delicious Supper!

You may have noticed that we are all wearing our jackets at supper. There is a reason for that... combine a stone walled structure, cement floors, a heating system which could not keep a Smart car lukewarm and rainy conditions and voila ... freezing cold supper conditions.

Now for the room...all of the above. We were told the same heating system controlled the hot water AND the heating system. We had already showered so we ditched the hot water in favour of the radiator heating system. At full blast the radiator supposed to heat up a very large room gave off as much heat as a small hair dryer!

The beds while comfortable were damp and cold so... slept all night fully clothed!!! Makes for a quick setup in the morning...roll out of bed and go. Thankfully not too many pilgrims around as I’m sure we announce our arrival in town in an interesting olfactory manner :(.

Going back a few days the Australian couple Vicki and Greg strongly recommended Injinji toe
socks as the answer to blister problems. The Injinji website provides some very persuasive arguments for their product...I am intrigued!

I do have a problem though...conservative or snazzy?
Some pictures for the day...tomorrow a 20 km day however we will have the toughest climb of the Camino Portugues at 400 meters!!!

Getting ever closer!!!

A very famous Casa on the Camino Portugues

And to finish a selfie!

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