Monday, 19 March 2018

Camino Portuguese (March 19, 2018) - New Day 7 Agualonga to Tui

A very tough day physically and mentally for me happens! You know when a black cloud is following you a foot or so just above your head. We walked 22.5 kms in 5.5 hours approximately or 4 kms an hour.

However the exciting news is that we are now in Spain!

Then the bridge...a beautiful walk

And voila!

Last night Paulo once again contacted Dr. Olga and she responded on a Sunday with some suggestions. For some reason the morning was really tough (call it a new skin foot problem) ...walking on this type of surface is essentially like walking on a bed of nails...damn those rocks!!!

Very tough walking surface!
In my last blog I mentioned how impressed we were with the Casa Olivierinha and the host Fernando who owns it.

Supper at the Casa was very food...codfish potato pictures :( Our clothing came back folded with the comment that it had been washed by hand! What incredible service!

Well this morning the bill came and the Casa Olivierinha good feeling balloon burst in a spectacular way!

Paulo and I made assumptions based on Fernando’s being a super nice guy so we accept responsibility...we did not ask prices...nor were they posted anywhere!

Fernando took us to the more ways than one! Supper was 20 euros Portugal menus come in 1 or .5 doces where 1 doce is meant for two date the highest we have paid in good restaurants for 1 doce was maybe 18 euros - Strike 1

Our lunch yesterday which was positioned as an almost goodwill gesture was 9 euros each sorry - Strike 2

Then the real ugly clothes which has been done by at least one other host for nada or 0 euros was 35 euros!!! - Strike 3

We paid and left...oh and Fernando asked if we could write a review on Trip Advisor and/or but only if we have a good review! OIE! I will first send him a pointed email suggesting that he post prices or at a minimum advise clients before they accept his services. Not sure if I will make a review or not! Maybe best to just accept that’s what can happen when one is not careful!

Given that we lost an hour entering Spain and I need to rest for the final push to Santiago de
Compostela I will simply publish a few pictures from the day...

Casa Olivierinha

No I did not fall in!