Thursday, 3 June 2021

Sorry about that errant post!


First and most importantly I hope that anyone reading this blog update is safe and healthy considering these difficult times for all!

Unfortunately...and I blame System Architects for this technical likely received a random email post recently...Camino Portuguese dated March 15, 2018. Why? I have no idea whatsoever! No I am not currently walking in Portugal...

However in a way it's a timely errant post in that the email service (Feedburner - also likely named by System Architects) will be discontinued sometime in July 2021. 

Now that isn't much of an issue these days however I do hope to walk again sometime (and perhaps blog)...whether it be the aborted 2020 Camino Primitivo in Spain...or a short walk in UK, Portugal, Switzerland, France, Antartica...anywhere in 2022 or 2023.

So I am exploring other of which is the use of Mail Chimp which was used to send out this post.

If this option doesn't work out my short term to print out a listing of remaining subscriber email addresses at the end of June and take it from there. Now how's that for a detailed concrete plan of action!!!

Options at that point could be:

  - Send out an email to remaining subscribers providing info on how to follow a can do this anytime (no more emails with Blog posts), or

  - Send a quick email to the subscriber listing as future Blog postings are made with a link to the Blog, or

  - Simply walk...take pictures and pause the Blog. To this end I have taken a few early steps in 2020 as I self published (not hard to do...hit a few buttons on PixxiBooks website, provide mailing address and credit card info) and voila...three books...700 pages! 

These books will become/are already classics...In the wise words of one of my daughters "Yes I am very interested in reading your books and will definitely read them once your youngest granddaughter (aged 2 at the time) has read them...!!!" 

I fully appreciate that many of you subscribed to the blog many years ago for different reasons and may not wish to keep receiving email notifications in the future. If this is your situation no problem and this would be a good time to change things...simply use the unsubscribe link at the bottom of this email. 

If you wish to leave a comment on the Blog click the "read on" link below which will take you to the Blog page where comments can be left.

Stay safe everyone!