Sunday, 11 October 2015

Thames River Walk - Post Trip

Well...finally the problem was fixed...not by me... for posting blogs. While I did not see any ghosts on the trip I am convinced the problems with Blogger were caused by let's say paranormal interference.

Great trip...thanks Dawn, Dave, Elaine and Dennis (supposed to be nice to Dennis). With regret I must let you know that the Queen did not show up for tea...I'm sure that website I set things up with was legit...oh well!

Happy adventures to all!

Thames River Walk (Oct 4, 2015) - Windsor Special Edition

Somehow posting a few pictures works so one last very short blog dedicated to the merry group of five...Dennis included. We made it to Windsor today...yes a tired group...yes some blisters...yes tired feet etc. However we are still talking to each other and from my perspective walking 119 km's of official Thames path plus many additional km's within villages etc is a feat all of the group should be proud of.

Very well done! Be proud merry band!

Tomorrow the surprise mentioned in my first blog will I hope unfold as planned...assuming the email address I had was the right one! The flag on Windsor Castle is flying which means Her Royal Highness the Queen is in residence I have worked through the various protocols and have arranged a private tea party with the Queen at Windsor Castle for Dawn, Elaine, Dave and me

The only stipulation from the Royal office is that Dennis muck the horse stables...I readily agreed to this. There will be no photographs allowed therefore you will simply have to accept my word the tea party took place.

A couple of pictures to cap things off...

Dennis finally had a job...carting the garbage

A final picture of Dennis
Finally we had a great breakfast this morning at the Bridge B&B and Dennis got a real surprise. Apparently the ladies in the kitchen overheard him whining a lot about the two poached eggs being not symmetrical.

One lady came out of the kitchen and was extremely apologetic and told Dennis that this horrible problem would be corrected immediately, she took his plate way. Being closest to the kitchen I overheard one lady say..."The nerve of that guy..."... The other lady said "I know exactly how to fix this..." Then hysterical giggling started and the following was presented to Dennis...I kid you not about the presentation!

What a way to start the day as we all had a real good laugh...breakfast presentation for Dennis!!!
And finally to my little granddaughter Rose!
Thanks for reading and keep walking!

Thames River Walk (Oct 1, 2015) - Reading to Henley-on-Thames

Today was a very peaceful walking day after an equally lazy rest day in Reading yesterday. For the 6th walking day so far...brilliant rain...perfect conditions...and we are in England! We walked 15 km's in 4.5 hrs...quite respectful pace.

No dangerous animals, no ghosts, no wild encounters of any kind today so the day belongs to pictures.

Yesterday Dennis, Elaine and Dave travelled 20 minutes or so out of Reading to see Maria, Dennis's and Elaine's oldest daughter who has recently started a one year teaching contract. Dawn and I simply lazed around in Reading...walking to a local pub restaurant for a nice meal.

By all accounts the visit with Maria was nice...Dennis and Elaine will see Maria and another daughter Danielle in London in a few weeks time. Should be a great visit for everyone!

Elaine (far right) with her oldest child Dennis and daughter Maria
Yesterday we also visited Mark's and Spencer's which was a real treat...just looking at the food and maybe buying a little candy! 

Sampling of bakery items from Mark's and Spencer's

Some pictures from the day...again a very quiet day 

Look at the number of swans!

Neat ivy on the house

Elaine and someone walking

Dawn and Dave...well ahead of Dennis

Well no one else will take my picture! Selfie for those who are wondering!
We had a small misadventure early when it was decided to go to Tesco to buy sandwiches. The rest of the group took a short cut based on a local's advice which took them off the official Thames River path. I must always stay on the official walking path that I have set out to do due to my unwavering high standards so I soldiered on! A short while later I left the official Thames path for Tesco. 

Stayed on Thames Path...then went to is proof...neat photographic technique!
The path was both really pleasant and well in my books boring today...depended on the stretch we were on. A few pictures...



Very pleasant

Dreadfully boring!

Pleasant again!
Sometime during the day the planning Dave and I undertook paid off! See scooter photo!

Little red wagon (ok motorized scooter) for Dennis
There are some really nice houses along the Thames River as you would expect...few pictures...

Yes a house patterned after the White House in Washington!

A nice lunch spot

An incredible resemblance to Dennis!
Be careful...once touched such a fence in France!

You thought I was joking about dangerous animals!

We came upon a really interesting property along our walk...apparently the gentleman who owns the property was a former CEO of a very large insurance company and hand built a railway engine...then he needed a track to run it on and a railway station to boot! Incredible!

Mini railway station!

Finally we were walking into Henley-on-Thames...each of us likely thinking the same thing. I've never seen a more more peaceful River setting...would be nice to return and stay here for a fortnight (British term although I am not sure how long a time period this is!)

For Rose our precious little granddaughter

For Rose

Tomorrow on to Marlow...only three more walking days left in the adventure!

Friday, 2 October 2015

Thames River Walk - Blogging Suspended Technical Difficulties

Unfortunately the technology gremlins are at it again...can't post a blog with pictures as I get error 403. Great information to try and figure out what to do! Given this is such a short walk the easiest approach is simply to suspend blogging rather than fuss any more about how to fix this...argh for whatever has happened.

Hope you enjoyed the postings so far and now have a flavour of what the Thames River path's a real nice walk that anyone would enjoy. The group is walking well...only 2 days and 23 km's to go!