Monday, 21 July 2014

Final You Tube Videos

For those that may be interested I have created two additional You Tube videos. The links to these videos are found in the blog entry below and in the Camino Videos section in the right hand side of the blog.

The link to the most recent walk on the St. James Way and Finisterre completed in late May 2014 is shown below...the video clocks in at just over 19 minutes in length.

St. James Way and Finisterre

The second link covers my entire 88 day 2,600 km walk...titled Long Walk in Europe Entire Journey 

Long Walk in Europe Entire Journey

Compiling the entire journey in a YouTube video took a fair while to compile and stretched my learning new software skills to the extreme! I decided to document the entire journey for two reasons. 

First it is a special personal recollection of the entire walk...lot of good memories there! When I am in my mid 90's and perhaps not able to complete such a journey (Well everyone needs stretch targets!) I will have the souvenir.

Secondly I am about to become a first time grandfather later this year. We have a very special trip planned to Japan to see the baby shortly thereafter..oh and to see Lise and Steven too! My plan is to sit with my grandbaby...just the two of us quietly...with popcorn and something to drink...and watch the  Long Journey Video. Hopefully he/she will enjoy the popcorn as a one time special treat, stay awake and interested throughout the clocks in at 69 minutes in length!

Oh that reminds me of why I don't have a third reason which is to share the entire journey with 69 minutes in length I suspect there may not be too many takers. However be forewarned that it it wins best documentary at next years had your chance to see it first!

This will be my last post on the Camino plans for another long walk of this magnitude in the foreseeable future. A number of shorter walks are floating around as ideas...if I do any of them I may just use this blog to document point in creating a new blog...honestly I would have forgotten how to do so.

Have a great summer!