Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Camino Portuguese (March 20, 2018) - New Day 8 Tui to O Porriño

Well the main focus of today’s blog, unlike the other blogging days, is about me :). My 100th day walking various Camino paths!

100 days covering 2,866 kms with a margin of error of +/- 1 km
   - 18 days on Via Jacobi in Switzerland
   - 13 days on Via Gebennensis in France
   - 27 days on The Puy route in France
   - 27 days on the Way of St. James in Spain
   -  3 days on the Finisterre route in Spain
   - 12 days on the Portuguese route (11 Portugal, 1 Spain)

Phew I am tired just thinking about this!!!

Today was a much much better day walking 19.5 kms in just over 4.25 kms. Cool conditions but not a drop of rain. Feet still recovering however a dressing change by Dr. Paulo after 10 minutes of walking...on a park bench...really helped. The little black cloud from yesterday disappeared!

Last night I shuffled my way to a cafeteria just down the street and had a very nice sandwich ...actually the picture shown is Paulo’s sandwich as he took a bite out of mine and then we switched!!!

Last night's supper - Paulo's sandwich
Then I asked for a hot chocolate and decided that I deserved a cookie...yes the black cloud needed to disappear! Note the hot chocolate! It was not the traditional kind we have at home...I swear it was actual melted chocolate with a touch of water or milk. You could eat it with a spoon!

Hot chocolate (eat with a spoon) and a cookie!
Just before the meal Paulo had a very animated lengthy (maybe 20 minutes) phone call from Fernando, the owner of the place where I felt our additional charges were excessive. Seems like my direct but tactful email was not well received and amongst other things he compared me to a fierce cat with claws.

I will spare other details however it appears my suggestion of having a rate card for various services will be implemented...novel idea!

On the Camino one meets some interesting pilgrims. We first met Emile from France two days ago, then yesterday in Tui and again today. Emile is a very heavy set man wearing a large cross carrying a huge backpack. He walks very slowly possibly as slowly as my good friend Dennis. He starts every day at 6:00 am and in his words never stops so magically he appears ahead of us when we expect him to be well behind!

Emile and me
Emile and Paulo

Now I was quite proud of myself today as I averted the disaster of a few days ago...I managed to gingerly walk a very narrow path...see picture... without incident...I did not fall in!

I did it and did not fall in!
There was a stretch of walking today on forested paths however we were concerned about an unexpected detour (likely flooding related) and then having to walk on a busy road.

Unexpected detour...had to walk on busy road
Walking on busy road due to detour
I have mentioned numerous times in my blog how tough the Portuguese Way is ...cobblestones, asphalt, cement, rocky paths etc. Paulo bought the same walking shoe for the Portuguese Way as he used for the Way of St. James where his shoes were undamaged after 800 kms...see picture for Paulo's shoe after 300 kms.

Paulo's shoe after 300 kms of the Camino Portugues is already ripped!!!

Tomorrow another short day which is just what the good Dr. Olga ordered. Some pictures from the day...

View from Pension window

Breakfast this morning

A picture of my foot...not sure how this picture was taken!

Lunch which was very late at 15 kms
A sign at the Taberna which reads ...We serve lamprey...I am not joking. It’s ok I’ll go with the sandwich...muchos gracias!

Taberna where we ate lunch

100 kms to go!

Two pilgrims from Grenoble France up ahead


  1. Hi guy, glad to hear the clouds are lifting. Perhaps it is my iPhone, or some architecture design problem, but I cannot see the pictures from the last two blog posts.

    1. I don’t see the pictures either

    2. Thanks Greg...republished the last two days and think pictures now show. Guy

    3. Thanks Dmitri as well!

    4. All pics are there now!
      I am really enjoying reading your blog, Guy.

  2. P.S. Congratulations on your 100 days! That is an impressive accomplishment.

    1. Thanks Greg...crazy I know

    2. However I do have to question the +/- 1 km! It seems to me that your phone died in one of your blog posts and you had to guess at the distance. Or was this an actuarial calculation based some complex time space continuum formula that only highly paid actuaries understand!

    3. Greg it’s true my phone died however I was able to navigate by the position of the stars at night. Trust me +/- km has a high degree of actuarial accuracy!

  3. Kristen Wittman21 March 2018 at 08:21

    I think, now that some time has passed, you should write a review of that place - a fair review would say he was a great host, just be prepared for steep prices (or ask first!). I think travelers would appreciate a review like that. And congrats on the milestone. My feet hurt just READING that!

    1. Thanks Kristen your approach makes good sense to me! With the passage of time I can certainly write something that is fair. Unfortunately my feet do hurt however just 4 more days.