Sunday, 25 March 2018

Camino Portuguese (March 25, 2018) - New Day 13 Padron to Santiago de Compostela

We made it! Today we walked 26.3 kms in just under 5.5 hours with significant elevation gain. There wasn’t much to see and the adrenalin kicked in so we set a fast pace.

Over the 6 Camino routes that totals 2,972 kms so I will round to 3,000 kms... maybe a little stretch.
The Camino Portuguese was as mentioned in previous blogs my most difficult in terms of physical and mental demands. Often I did not think I would make it and my comments made on the blog simply understated the physical issues.

Having successfully completed the Camino Portuguese does however makes it my most satisfying Camino from a personal perspective.

A good friend sent me an email message which had the following thought which I really appreciated.
“Anyway I'm proud of you for pushing your limits (but in a sensible way).”

This will be my last Camino... hopefully there will be other more modest adventures in the future. Overall I enjoyed the experiences immensely ...clearly not every single minute.

As well this is likely the last posting for this blog. So todays blog will be very different from previous postings as I am including only a few pictures.

The focus of this posting is to simply express thanks in many different ways.

Paulo and me in front of Santiago de Compostela Cathedral!!! The feet stopped moving!

Paulo  - Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

And my own selfie! I know very well done!
Thanks to everyone who took the time to read various blog postings. The blog was never meant to be a typical well researched series of articles. It was very often silly but that’s what kept me going on many a day... if it brought out a smile or two it was worth it. Comments and emails sent were truly very much appreciated especially when all was not going smoothly.

Thanks to various incredible people that I had the chance to walk with on various Caminos. While one meets many people the ones that I will remember most are Daniel (France), Yoshi (Japan), Georges (Belgium), Cyrille (France), my brother Marc (Canada) and Paulo (Brazil). Your companionship, good humour and encouragement was really appreciated. I certainly hope we meet again.

Thanks to my family Lise, Jeanne, Claire (daughters), Steven (son in law) and my two very special granddaughters Rose and Elodie. Rose and Elodie are incredibly special! You listened to my stories (well pretended to) and were always very supportive which was very important and appreciated.

Thanks to Dr. Olga without who’s kindness, thoughtfulness and professional help I would never have made it. Rarely does one meet a Dr. Olga in life...I was so very very fortunate!

Thanks to my good friend Paulo which whom I have walked a total of 43 days on Camino paths.
Without Paulo I wouldn’t have had the slightest chance of making it on the Camino Portuguese. Always positive, encouraging with a great sense of humour. Dr. Paulo never complained about the twice a day dressing changes... by Camino end 10 meters of 4 cm tape had been used to hold down dressings on my feet!

When a significant change of plans was required due to my early problems Paulo never hesitated. Paulo and family... come to Canada for a visit. Perhaps I will go to Brazil one day even though the dangerous animal situation is incredible... sharks, snakes, crocodiles, spiders etc. etc.

Finally a heartfelt thanks to Dawn my special friend and wife for 38 years who has been there for me at all times. My Camino plans were off the wall crazy and I know that while being away for a total of 105 days on Camino paths that you had to deal with a lot of extra demands on your time. In times of real need such as my medical issues in Switzerland you were right there for me. I can’t truly express how fortunate I have felt and how appreciative I am. I love you very much!

Now a day of rest in Santiago before returning home ... giant cookie, gelato here I come!




  1. Congratulations, Guy. You made it. It’s been a pleasure reading your blog.

    1. Thanks Dmitri...has fun writing the blog. Today we have a day in Santiago de Compostela and first we were in the 10 first pilgrims to receive our Compostela’s so we received a free lunch at the Parador!!! Then the Botufumeiro swung at Pilgrim mass...quite special to see this for a second time! Guy

  2. Congratulations. .. I might not commented during your walk, but I walked beside you every blog stretch you have conquered. Than you and Ultreia to what comes next.

  3. Thanks Ingrid glad to hear that you enjoyed the blog and were supportive throughout. Quite an effort but definitely worth it! Guy

  4. Congratulations Guy on your 3000kms! That’s a lot of marathons. Don’t forget to thank all the Architects for the well designed computer software you had to use along the way.

    Now you can get the BloGo app for a well deserved hair style when you get home.

    1. Thanks Greg...about 71 very slow marathons I think. System Architects redeemed with BloGo app and yes I definitely need some hair styling. Appreciated your blog comments. Take care and run your next marathon in under 1 hours!!! Guy

  5. Congrats on getting to the end, give those feet a little break now!

    1. Thanks Betsy...appreciate your comments and the Nata suggestion! Yes these feet are going to get a little rest however with little Rose (3 years) I may be running sooner than later. Guy

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