Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Camino Portuguese (March 7, 2018) - Day 4 Azambuja to Santarem

First and most importantly I want to wish my daughter Lise a very Happy Birthday - Bonne Fete Lise😍

No rain today however it was another long day at 33.7 kms almost all of it on paved roads with some gravel as well. Two more blisters tonight...suffice to say that I am hurting and Paulo and I are discussing options. We will see what tomorrow brings and take it from there.

We did meet two fellow pilgrims from the US Christa and Mike...young couple who were motoring at incredible speed! I did have a chance to talk to them a bit...they slowed down. It seems they may be taking a different approach which involves taking the train to miss certain sections.

Christa and Mike seconds after talking to me

Given I am super tired I will simply post a few pictures from the day and rest!!! Early morning pictures...

Now midmorning we came across a flock (do we say flock?) of sheep which must have numbered a few what a lot of noise! Unfortunately my short video cannot be attached to the a few pictures which don’t really do justice.

Along the way we see many houses in ruin

We see many orange trees on our walk
Late in the day came across this huge pile of discarded irrigation pipes
Obrigado for reading!

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