Sunday, 4 March 2018

Camino Portuguese (March 4, 2018) - Day 1 Lisbon to Parque de Nações

Well it poured...we are soaked but it was great to walk again following the yellow arrows! Map my Walk app measured 14.3 kms from our hotel in Lisbon.

Here is a selfie taken mid walk
Essentially key rain defences worked ...passport...euros...iPhone. All other defences failed miserably starting with my world’s best Arteryx rain jacket...I had puddles in my I did not forget to zip the pocket!

The bottom of my backpack was super wet...rain cover could not handle the heavy downpours. My pants were drenched (on the plus side they dry quickly) as I forgot to wear my rain pants...yes I simply forgot...not kidding! It happens to the best of us!

Lisbon is very hilly and streets and sidewalks are often cobblestones especially in the Alfama district. This is a rough combination when walking in the rain as everything is slippery...we were careful and all was good.

The Lisbon Camino starting point is at the Se Cathedral. When we arrived mass was in progress so we sat down and took it all in. Beautiful very old cathedral...a real peaceful start to the pilgrimage walk.

Se Cathedral - starting point of Camino Portugues

After Mass our credentials were stamped and we were off in the pouring rain...our first arrow!
From our hotel to the cathedral...again a very nice hotel the iPhone was protected in it’s plastic case from the pictures. Some earlier pictures in Lisbon which is a beautiful old city.

Ah Food!

The early part of the walk through Lisbon was really interesting however to be honest that did
not last too long and then we walked through an industrial part. Not so nice there...however we were prepared for this based on past reading.

Tomorrow we have a longer day of 30 kms to Vila Franca de Xira. Some rain in the forecast however probably won’t happen...let’s hope!

Need good rest tonight especially Paulo after last night!


  1. Get a big rubbish sack and put it in your pack - attack is the best form of defense.

    1. Thanks Rachel...this morning I ithout reading your comment I lined my bag with a garbage bag! It seems to have worked!

  2. I recall days walking in the rain - brings back memories. I hope you tried the Natas (the Portuguese custard tards - they are my fav). Enjoy!

    1. Betsy...great to hear from you! Did you walk on the Portuguese Camino? I will definitely try the Natas based on your recommendation! Day 2 done and it wasn’t pretty!