Friday, 23 March 2018

Camino Portuguese (March 23, 2018) - New Day 11 Pontevedra to Caldas de Reis

Again a very quiet day walking 22 kms over 4.8 hours. I felt surprisingly (more on this later) strong and was walking well with minor discomfort only...feet were giving me an amber light cautious!

Last night was a different matter altogether as Dr. Paulo and I consulted and decided some minor surgery was required. This was based on past advice from Dr. Olga...all went well until Betadyne was applied (infection prevention). Oie that was not a good feeling and this persisted through the evening and most of the night.

We were discussing options for today which included my stopping to walk and taking the bus. I was prepared to do this if things had not improved by morning. I even dreamt I was a professional golfer (anyone who has seen me golf knows that I am very very far from being a professional...although I have witnessed a hole in one by Stefan K.) who had a 2 stroke lead after 71 holes and blew it one the last hole.

Talk about the subconscious at work...I had only 60 kms to go. Morning came and I had recovered well and was good to go! Man what a mental and physical effort this Camino has been!

If was drizzling for most of the morning leaving Pontevedra..

First breakfast...often not sufficient to sustain us more than a few hours

A highlight of the day was walking through some forest paths. We are in the Galicia an area of Spain known for a lot of rain and green vegetation. I believe it has been compared to Ireland that way.


And yes I crossed this bridge without falling in the creek!!!
There were a number of interesting signs today...

My mantra
Lot going on in this sign!

Call a cab...tempting!

40 kms to go by highway...48 kms by Camino trails at this point in the day!

At 8 Km nice stop at a cafe for Naranja Aquarius beverage and to split a sandwich

Finally lunch at the hotel off Pilgrims menu...baked beans!

Fish and potatoes

Ice cream...must unravel treat oneself!
So on to tomorrow where we spend our last night prior to Santiago de Compostela!!!

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