Saturday, 10 March 2018

Camino Portuguese - An Update Possible Return

Ok so I said I would not blog until I know that a return to the Camino was possible...well I needed something to do (see comment below) so here goes...

As I lay there on Thursday from 10:30 to 4:00 when Paulo arrived at the Casa do Largo (he was a little steamed at signage issues which extended the days walk) I considered possibilities:

1) I could simply erase all blog entries about the Portuguese Camino and like President Trump simply say it was “fake news” if someone asked about past blogs - nixed that as cowardly

2) Could simply return home in shame - no way would my conscience allow this given everything Paulo has done

3) Re plan and throw away preconceived ideas of what this Camino had to be - clearly the best choice
So a potential plan formulated - train to Porto, rest for 4 days and then walk to Santiago de Compostela walking an average of 18 kms a day rather than 30 kms a day.

The problem with 3) is that the plan seemed totally focused on my needs and not Paulo’s. When Paulo had finished his mini rant about the walk today we both said we had an idea. Told Paulo my misgivings about my plan however I was to go first...incredibly except for a few details we both had the same idea!!!

Paulo had an additional suggestion that I visit a medical clinic and he researched and set up a 4:00 appointment that day...incredibly the only available appointment and perfect for our time frame.
Dr. Olga of the Vita Saude clinic in Porto was incredibly knowledgeable and kind! She worked on my feet for over an hour doing various procedures (will spare you the details and the pictures Paulo took) all for 40 euros.

Dr. Olga - some of you will know I am an awkward hugger
Two main errors on my part

1) Compeed blister pads on small blister is fine but on an already large blister does not work. The blister simply grows in size under the Compeed pad as mine did

2) My socks (which had worked for over 2,000 kms) were too thick and trapped in hmmm were old

So goodbye faithful friends!

Welcome new friends courtesy of Paulo shopping
My medical orders are to change dressing twice a day (Dr. Paulo again) over the weekend and essentially stay off my feet until Monday when I see Dr. Olga to determine if I get the green light to go. Paulo and I have re planned the walk on the assumption I will be good to go. As I write this feel so much more comfortable physically and it’s only Saturday!

Based on Dr. Olga’s comments I expect we have a very good chance of a green light. If not everything possible will have been done!

Apparently Porto is an incredible city to visit...a few pictures from Paulo’s day (carefully look at the ice cream concoction which has some Port!)

Wow! Wow! Wow!
Really excited about the possibility of walking again!


  1. So glad to read your entry this morning Guy! Paulo will have to visit Canada! All the best - repose toi bien et jouit de ta march :) Pauline

    1. Merci l’espere! Oui Paulo sera invité au Canada!