Thursday, 15 March 2018

Camino Portuguese (March 15, 2018) - New Day 3 Sao Miguel de Arcos to Barcelos

Water, water,’s absolutely everywhere in fields, streams running down roads, roads turned into mud but mostly on my head, soaking my shirt, in my pants and turning my shoes into waterskiing shoes.

I have noticed a dark cloud that is always just above my head... time for that cloud to disappear! Rain tomorrow and after that no rain...I hope!

Today it rained...sometimes in buckets...other times a light drizzle...some stretches of no rain! We walked in beautiful countryside for 21.9 kms in 5 hours. No new blisters (well maybe two upon closer look) however the feet are not impressed with my adventure!!!

Without hesitation...having walked various Camino paths, hiking in the Rockies, Nepal, Japan, the infamous Thames River walk where we almost had to carry my friend Dennis to Windsor, walking on the cobblestone paths of the Camino Portugues is my toughest foot test ever. To anyone considering it...walking shoes don’t cut it...good hiking boots protecting the foot sole are the way to go!

Last night we ate supper with pilgrims Vicki and Greg from Australia. An interesting couple who have travelled a ton...was an enjoyable time!

Greg, Vicki, me, Paulo

Greg did comment about his brother who embarrassed him by taking pictures of food whenever he eats. I pretended to be appalled but snuck in the photo of a delicious dessert!

This was simply delicious!
If you have had the good fortune to travel to Portugal you will have seen the famous rooster pictured below...legend is based in Barcelos

Portuguese Rooster in Barcelos

Coles notes version of rooster...silver stolen from rich person in Barcelos...Galician going through Barcelos as a pilgrim to Santiago de Compostela falsely accused...asks to see magistrate before hanging... says roasted rooster on dinner table will crow before he is hanged...hanging starts...rooster crows...magistrate runs to stop hanging...Galician saved as a poorly made knot in hanging rope saved him. Sounds plausible...I am a believer! A few pictures from the day.

Greg was sitting at another table sooo...breakfast picture!

Oldest Roman church in Portugal in Sao Pedro de Ratas
Roman church in Sao Pedro de Ratas

At lunch today we walked into a restaurant which was really Camino friendly and met Allan and Steffan pilgrims from Denmark...77 and 72 years old...incredible. Had a very good meal for 6 euros!!

Note my stomach is nowhere near that big...tightly cinched belt with water bottle in pocket is not a good look!

And a MOST welcome sign!!!
The next two days are both in the 15, 16 km days which will be the shortest Camino walking days. Fine...just what Dr. Olga ordered!

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