Thursday, 1 May 2014

Camino Frances (May 1, 2014) - Day 69 Burgos to Castrojeriz

A day to remember...42 kms in just over 8 hours. Today we left Burgos in the dark at 6:00 and entered to Mesata which is a large area in Spain with the main features being a road and fields of wheat (or some other crop).

I felt great today...simply loved the walking in the Meseta as it led to a very peaceful...relaxed thinking day...more later. Walking with like minded pilgrims like Paulo and Marc is helping me out a lot...basically we all have a "get the job done" type of approach once a target has been would be so easy to stop earlier as fatigue sets in however walking together helps with the motivation.

Marc went with runners today and had a much better day of it...was really glad for him. Paulo keeps walking on his blisters and my luck is holding up.

Paulo soaking his very sore feet
Yesterday afternoon we went to the Burgos incredible building...I am guessing at least 25 separate chapels...and one which I am sure people with a keen interest in History and Architecture could easily spend the entire day. We were given hand prerecorded sets as we walked in the building...Paulo and I chose English...Marc French.

Within less than 5 minutes of listening to intense detailed historical descriptions of station 1 Marc was already walking around without listening to his set. Nancy, Pierre and Jacques this may come as a shock to you...frankly a few minutes later both Paulo and I joined Marc and we simply walked around enjoying the views...

Burgos Cathedral

Burgos Cathedral

Burgos Cathedral - really impressive

Burgos Cathedral dome roof

Guy, Marc and Paulo outside Burgos cathedral

On the way out of the Burgos Cathedral we met Malte...incredible as he had arrived 10 minutes earlier after putting in two mid thirty km days...we hope to meet up in Leon again. We also met Guiseppe and wife...he warmly embraced us...his wife was suffering and they likely spent the day in Burgos today. We also met the Swedish couple...the 3 young a family reunion!

Earlier we enjoyed tapas

We had a good Pilgrim's supper...cost 10€ however I didn't make the best choice for my main dish...see fish head picture!

Delicious mushroom soup
Fish was good however it had a head and tail...not my preferred type of eating

As you will see from pictures later the landscape isn't spectacular on the Meseta yet it has a real beauty of it's own. You walk and walk and have a lot of time to think...

I thought about how fortunate I was to be enjoying this experience. Thought about my incredible family...Dawn my super partner for nearly 35 years, my daughters Lise, Jeanne and Claire...all of which are such hardworking, kindhearted and funny (as in like to laugh...but not at me...with me) that's fortunate.

Now Steven has joined our small family as Lise's spouse...Steven came very very close to playing professional hockey as a member of the Montreal Canadians. Steven...GO HABS GO...I know if you had made it they would be that much stronger.

And of course our sister Pauline who is the best sister Marc and I have ever had...always Mam and Pa's favourite but that is alright...Marc and I understand.

I thought about Paulo's sayings about walking like an elephant and "rapport". Paulo is attempting to walk like an elephant...proud, confident, steady...master of the jungle. I meanwhile am somewhere between a snail and a cheetah.

Paulo's law office had a significant training session for 10 days over a 2 month period on rapport which is essentially working through difficult situations with a win/win approach in mind. Paulo yesterday once again used "rapport" when we were at the Burgos Cathedral...needing our Pilgrim passports to get a discount but of course not having them on us...we got the discount.

I may go to Brazil to teach "rapport plus"...we will see once we finish the Camino! A few pictures from the day...

An early start!

Delicious breakfast

Meseta - beautiful

Yes I know that I already looked very sharp with the Tilley hat and beard...sort of George Clooney style...but the new shades...super sharp looking!

We are now at the El Camino Hostal...actually in our own two bedroom mobile trailer...luxurious for 13€ each.

Tomorrow another 35 kms...then we only a few 30+ days leading to O'Cebreiro...and of course our potential treat in Leon!


  1. But clearly you're more grateful for me than for Lise and Claire...right? I'm pretty sure I read that "between the lines".

    1. Lise, Jeanne, Claire,

      I love all three of you EXACTLY THE SAME!


  2. Guy - you sure know how to make a person stop breathing for a few seconds. Thanks for that. By the way, WHAT is happening in Leon??!! I can't wait to find out!

    1. Pauline - not sure what you meant by making a person stop breathing...if it's about you being the favourite well you and I know that Marc has always been Mam's favourite! As for must be patient!