Monday, 19 May 2014

Camino Finisterre (May 19, 2014) - Day 86 Santiago de Compostela to Negreira

Back on the easy short day of 22 kms over 4.5 hours. There was a fairly lengthy uphill climb over 3 kms or so which added some challenge to the walk. The walking was varied with some really nice was raining off on on through most of our time walking.

Some of you have asked to see a video of the Botafumeiro swinging...Marc took a 44 second video and it is now available for viewing on the right hand side of the blog under Videos on St. James Way - Botafumeiro...hope you enjoy!

This morning I found it hard to get the motor going...a lot on my mind and 89 kms left to go seemed like a long way to go. I had to remind myself that my personal goal had always been Finisterre as opposed to Santiago de Compostela so I started to walk...

On Saturday evening we had a great last meal with Paulo just outside the train a super classy move Paulo quietly slipped into the bar and paid the bill in full. That was unexpected but surely appreciated. After our meal we walked with Paulo to the train station...gave him some guy know a handshake and an arm on the shoulder and wished him safe travels. We were so very lucky to have met Paulo and walked with him.

Supper with Paulo - Lamb casserole and potatoes NOT FRENCH FRIES!
On Sunday we had a real easy lazy day...some postcards, a bit of looking in stores and a nice walk out to where the university campus is...Cyrille was our Santiago de Compostela guide for the day.

In our travels we met a few pilgrims that we had crossed paths with on the Way. 

Daniel (Brazil) and a pelegrina he met on the road
We had first met Daniel the first night in Roncesvalles where Marc and I had supper with Daniel, Paulo and Chico...all from Brazil. Daniel had us sign a t-shirt with our names and country.

A few pictures from our day of rest...

Pizza by the slice...super cheap!

Santiago pie - super good courtesy Cyrille

Amazing column at Santiago cathedral...note handprint of millions of pilgrims over the years carved in column. Could not place our hands due to construction

Supper at Hospederia de San Martin where Pilgrims menu was available...quite the room!

Green beans with ham
Salad, tomatoes, pork and FINALLY FRENCH FRIES!

Some type of pudding...not so much to my liking!

Pictures today were somewhat limited due to rain...

Follow the yellow arrow

Beautiful medieval bridge at Ponte Maceira


We are in the Albergue Acera in Negreira...nice clean Albergue however have been spoiled over the past weeks!

On to Olveiroa tomorrow or 33 kms and then Finisterre another 37 kms...guess that meant we really had 92 kms from Santiago!

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