Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Camino Finisterre (May 20, 2014) - Day 87 Negreira to Olveiroa

Not much to be said today...absolutely soaked as we walked 34 kms over 6.5 hours. The day was split into sections...the first 3 hours it rained/poured continuously...the next 3 hours it rained lightly on and off with the sun making a brief appearance...the final 30 minutes it just poured!

Everything we own is wet...trying our best to dry out at the Casa Loncho in Olveiroa...last night booked a room for the three of us for 20€ each. At this point this was a golden decision!

We had a breakfast break 2.5 hours into the day...then walked 4 straight hours to Olveiroa. Why...there is absolutely nothing between our first stop and Olveiroa. Interestingly at our breakfast stop we were charged 6.4€ for a hot chocolate and two pieces of Santiago cake (nothing else there)...the fellow beside us paid 2.8€ for a glass of orange juice. These are absurdly high ripoff prices...the owner knew he had the only game in town!

I took three pictures today as the camera was put away due to the rain.

We heard from Paulo who is safe and sound in Recife Brazil...hope your lawyer duties are exciting my friend!

Last night's supper was, without any question, the best of the entire Camino. We ate at the Cafe Imperial where home cooking is the main feature.

Unfortunately we did not ask her name however she went out of her way to help us choose food and was quite funny as well!

Lentil soup!
Veal cutlet...a little big!

Salad for two!
After our great supper we had a small ice cream treat...all of this for 8€! Incredible food and atmosphere!

We also paid a visit to the Supermercado...some interesting cereal choices! The few pictures of the day...



Our room
Long walk planning

As my walk winds down I went back to look at the initial planning I did...way back in early 2013.

Planned walking days - 95                   Actual walking days 88
Planned rest days while walking - 5    Actual rest days while walking - 2
Planned rest days at home - 0,             Actual rest days at home - 204
Planned total distance - 2403 kms       Actual total distance - 2600 kms (estimate)
Planned avg walking day - 25.3 kms   Actual avg walking day - 28.4 kms 

Best laid plans obviously change big time!

Tomorrow is the final walking day to Finisterre...unfortunately we have a very long day of 31 kms to Finisterre and an additional 7 kms to Cape Finisterre and back. Accommodation availability caused this longer day!

Tomorrow is supposed to be a carbon copy, perhaps worse, than today in terms of rain. If it is we will not be able to see the sunset at Cape Finisterre or participate in the traditional burning of an article of clothing on the beach. We may choose to take the bus back to Santiago de Compostela late tomorrow...depends on the weather and how we feel.


  1. Guy, so happy you were able to complete your journey. What an amazing memory. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Hi Kenda,

      Great to hear from you...many thanks for your encouraging comments! It's been quite the walk!