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Camino Frances (May 7, 2014) - Day 75 Leon to Villavante

A tough walking day today...30 kms in 6 hours. Quite honestly the day was pretty boring and very very tough on the feet...they are burning! First we spent an hour+ to get out of Leon in what can only be described as a mostly industrial section. We had a nice short stretch on a gravel road and then asphalt for what seemed forever.

Then the last 4 kms into Villavante were simply brutal in the hot sun...gravel road straight as an arrow...holy smokes you need to dig deep to keep moving forward. No matter we are in a superb private Albergue called Albergue Santa Lucia in a room for three with our own bathroom! With supper 21€ each...cannot be beaten!

A funny little I was walking today I thought about Guiseppe 2 mentioned in yesterday's blog and his concerns with French residents...and Georges whom I had walked with last fall on the Le Puy route. Peas in a pod those I arrived I had the following email from Georges (whom we called Moses because of the beard and his wisdom which he shared willingly and often!)...small world!


seems that this Giuseppe 2 is very similar to Georges 1 alias Moses.....

Buen camino!

To give you a perspective of where we are at here is a map of the Camino Frances...we are 30 kms past Leon

On the physical side Paulo's feet are holding their own...bad blister mending but he has a soreness in the ankle area. Marc has at last count at least 5 blisters...a few whoppers in there...using Compeed. Marc has just had some blister surgery from Dr. Paulo...I have a picture...however prefer not to publish. So far I am ok...feet are very tired walking on hard surfaces but used to this by now.

Late yesterday afternoon we explored the absolutely incredible building dating back to the 15th century. Dawn I would love to come back here and spend a number of days here together...incredible!

Parador 3rd floor courtyard

Best chair ever!

We then went exploring a bit for a bite to eat

Very cool game where players throw wooden disks from a distance to knock down pins

While the Canadian lapel pin giveaway continues...easily 15 to 20 or so today in various situations I did have a sad meeting. On our walk we met the young lady from Italy to whom I had given a lapel pin a few days ago... she had referred to my gesture as giving her good luck as she had lost another pin. Well she looked a little saddened...she had now lost the Canadian lapel pin! No problem as I dug in my pocket...NO PINS left! This has never happened...oh well I will keep a few to the side should we see her again chance in Santiago.

On the plus Georges (mentioned earlier) had contacted Susana a pelegrine he met while walking the Camino Frances last year and mentioned we were in Leon as she lives here. At checkout there was a nice note from Susana saying she was sorry she could not meet us last evening and wishing us good luck...I left 3 different Canadian Lapel pins for her at the Parador reservation desk and will let her know they are there.

I am guessing that I have 50 or so Canadian lapel pins this chapter of the long walk is coming to a close soon.

We then went to the church attached to the Parador...all of us felt this was the nicest church seen so far. We chose to attend a short half hour far the youngest attendees. The singing at the end of the service was neat as the sound reverberates everywhere in these stone cathedrals.

Pauline we lit two for Pa and one for we know Mam would be encouraging us if she could speak.

Attached church to Parador

I was up there earlier risking my life!

After church we had a special supper at Parador (special Pilgrim price) - Appetizers

Veal cuts including a roasted fig

After a great night's sleep we went for breakfast at 7:30... very late for us but it was included in our price and we expected something special...we were NOT disappointed.

Parador - Breakfast room

Parador - Fruit selection

Parador - Meat selection
Parador - Other selections

Parador - My first plateful

Then sadly it was time to leave...

Our friend

Oh my!

Nice stretch!!!
Alessandro and Marina from Brazil

Long day!

Homestretch...I think you get the picture!

We have 10 days left with Paulo as we walk to Santiago de Compostela...roughly 289 kms to go...completed 500 kms! After that we Marc, Cyrille (joins us on May 12th) and I will walk three days to Finisterre.

The pull of Santiago de Compostela is getting stronger each and every day now...

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