Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Camino Frances (April 30, 2014) - Day 68 Ages to Burgos

A very short day as we were in our Burgos Hostel Lars (nice place well located) just before noon after walking a little over 22 kms in 4.5 hours. Again perfect walking weather...a slight breeze, somewhat cloudy and mid teens for temperature.

A good start and a somewhat disappointing (read awful) walk into Burgos...more later.

Yesterday's supper was a fun international affair as 18 of us sat at two tables for supper...everyone received a Canadian lapel pin...turns out two pilgrims were there from Quebec Canada.

Tapas meat break before supper at outdoor cafe

Very good salad
Paella with carne (meat)

At our dinner table we had two German ladies, one from Brazil and three guys from the United States. One of them, Mervin, a retired engineer told us about a special rain skirt made of Tyvek building material that his wife had sewn for him. After supper he modelled it.

Mervin with Tyvek rain skirt

After supper we walked around for a short while

Me with Albergue owner...he was a funny guy
Our Albergue

Famous archeological site with 1,000,000 year old human remains which apparently prove that our ancestors were cannibals

              Best Cerveza                     

Muchoos sheep

Famous Brazilian lawyer on a tough section

Very interesting rock circles

And now for the STUPIDEST PICTURE EVER...I put sunblock on this morning in the dark. After walking for a while and sweating my eyes started to burn like crazy  as the sunblock ran into them. I have used some Visine and things are a little better...however look AT WHAT I LOOKED LIKE!!!

I actually have a University Degree and was a Manager in a large company...some people even think I am a little bit smart...hah proven you wrong! Paulo and Marc how could you let this happen!

After a short late morning break we wanted to take an option to Burgos which followed the river...this had been highly recommended in the Camino Forum. The other options were through the Industrial area or following the highway. We followed the highway...beautiful!

Oh this was a mistake!

We are resting before exploring Burgos...for tomorrow's blog. We are a happy but somewhat sorry lot. Marc is simply walking through pain, Paulo's feet are a mess with multiple blisters...I am in pretty good shape except for the sunscreen in my eyes which causes tears of joy!

Nothing that a cerveza and beer won't make better. We now have to strategize the next few days where we go through the Meseta...we are all thinking about the treat in Leon...keeping us motivated.


  1. Papa....tu parais RIDICULE!!!

    1. Jeanne,

      Pas gentille ç paraît sharp.

      Je t'aime


    2. Tu m'as cause de rire beaucoups ce soir Guy. Tres bien dit ma petite Jeanneski. Pauline