Sunday, 27 April 2014

Camino Frances (April 27, 2014) - Day 65 Logrono to Najera

Today was a superb day for walking...sunny with a breeze and in the 15 to 20 C range. It doesn't get better than that. The going was not difficult and we covered the 30 kilometres in 6.5 hours. I have to say however that the last 5 kms or so to Najera were less than inspiring as we came through an industrial section.

The Albergue Puerta de Najera is however set in a very picturesque location:

View out of our window to the river

Yesterday afternoon in Logrono, after the usual showers and clothes washing was spent exploring for an hour or so. First we went to the cathedral which was very impressive.

Pauline, we lit a candle for Pa...well actually five candles as the cathedral is a bit high make a donation and an LED candle is automatically lit. Except in this case five lights came on at the same time!!!

Logrono Cathedral

Unfortunately it started to rain steadily again and it became very cool outside so...delicious!

For supper we decided to go beyond the Pilgrim's supper and went to a local tell the story!

Meat slices and salad with small fishes on top
Mushrooms and shrimp in a sauce

Beef steak and fries

Today it really struck me how we keep meeting the walking same pilgrims frequently again as we go our separate ways. Yesterday we came across Ed (Lithuania), Guiseppe and spouse (Italy), and Daniel in the Marie-Claude (France), Daniel and the Swedish couple (Zariquiegui) and Klass and Sitka (Netherlands), All of these pilgrims we met previously, stayed at different Albergues and in some cases towns, and never expected to see again...such is the Camino!

Sitka and Klass (Netherlands - Canadian lapel pin on her small bear on backpack)
On the Canadian lapel pin front I keep giving them away...from what I can remember a New Zealander, two Brazilians, four young Germans, Ricardo from Italy, two Korean women and the owner of the Albergue. I am going to keep at it until my stash hits zero!

Camino signs vary everywhere we go...a number of them are shown in attached pictures...

An example of how Camino signs can be misleading...where the rays of the sun converge points to Santiago...where the arrow point is also Santiago so do I go Left or Right?


Not a dangerous animal

Marc in the distance

Pilgrims queuing up!

Does anyone know what type of tree this is?

We are going out for tapas and a Cerveza (no lunch again)...feeling somewhat sad as Malte will not be walking with us after today as he will be cutting his days shorter in anticipation of his return home and to leave himself with an objective for his return next year when he completes his walk to Santiago de Compostela. I have really enjoyed both getting to know him and his company...perhaps our paths will cross again in the future.

No significant aches and pains...we are doing as well as can be expected physically. Today we hit 200 kms...a good weeks effort!


  1. Merci Guy pour me laisser savoir a propos des chandelles pour Pa. 5 - ummmm, c'est comme un signe... Logrono est reconnu pour sa production de bois. Tres 'fitting' que vous avez allume une (5) chandelle pour Pa. Des gros souhaits de bon courage a toi & Marc. Ca parait comme si tout va vraiment bien pour vous deux!!

  2. Tres belles photos papa!
    Je t'aime,