Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Camino Frances (April 29, 2014) - Day 67 Castildelgado to Ages

A monster day today at 38 kms over 7.75 hours with a fair amount of uphill climbing. We are all hoping that this will be our longest day on the Camino Frances route! 102 kms over the past 3 days is a lot! We made a decision last night to bypass the San Juan Ortega monastery, after reading some former pilgrim comments, in favour of the extra 4 kms to Ages.

After stopping and having a quick look around at the monastery we are super super glad that we kept pushing forward. We are staying at the Albergue Al Pajar which looks like a very pleasant facility...the cost is a very reasonable 19€ which includes supper tonight.

Tomorrow we are looking forward to a short day in the 24 km range into Burgos...that way we will have plenty of time to look around the city and the Burgos Cathedral which is supposed to be spectacular.

Last night's supper, at 9:00 which is too late for us was disappointing and at 12.5€ was overpriced! Oh well that happens.

Russian salad - not bad

Stewed lamb - crap
Ice cream from super mercado - not the best

This morning we woke up early and left planning to eat breakfast at the first village which was about 5 kms away...when we got there we knew we had to move on so another 5 kms to Belorado. It wasn't a big deal as we were all walking strongly.

Proof we left early in morning

The walk to Belorado was on a good gravel road however it followed the major highway route N-120 which is a major trucking route. The scenery was somewhat limited however the walking was easy.

Our early morning walk

Breakfast break was just what we needed - Yes a chocolate wagon wheel type square!

After breakfast we walked to Villafranca de Oca which had some pleasant scenery and some interesting picture opportunities

Have to make sure!
Emilio Estevez hand and footprint in Belorado

Long walk ahead
No longer afraid...walked right by them

At Villafranca de Oca we stopped for lunch at a tapas bar

After lunch we were in for some stiff and challenging climbing over a number of kilometres. Many a pilgrim was struggling on this stretch. Shortly after the climb we entered the MOST BORING CAMINO STRETCH EVER which lasted 8 or 9 kms.

It went on and on forever on a lousy road in the woods...no signs...no towns..nada. Marc and I simply put into high gear and walked like madmen to make it to San Juan de Ortega. As we neared the town we were laughing historically and cursing everything Camino...Marc indicated he was hallucinating...oh what a good memory that will make in future years. Those who know us best can well imagine what happened here.

From a Canadian Lapel pin exchange I gave away a dozen or so to 5 Koreans (one had a son study in Toronto), a Japanese pilgrim, a Frenchman, Nadia from Paris France who has walked 800 kms on Camino routes every year since 2000 and a handful to people who helped me in stores. Paulo and I must decide on how many he will take back with him to Brazil...wife, two kids, mother/father, two brothers...their kids...25 or so people at his law office and who knows who else. Fifty should do it! A few pictures from the afternoon...

Marc was fascinated - he is a world renowned Wind Engineer

Pretty boring!
Much better!

Finally we are there

Feet are really sore all round...soles of our feet are burning...Paulo has a medicine supply which would rival a Hospital emergency room therefore we have what we need.

We are targeting to reach Leon mid day on May 6th and have planned a special treat for ourselves...more later!

Finally want to send a special thanks to my very special best friend Dawn (spouse) for persevering with my inability to tie my shoes properly. Just before leaving Dawn found a short TED talk on how to tie shoes...apparently there are many bozos similar to me in this world. I finally understood...my hiking boots are always staying tied now as opposed to what happened in the past. Merci..je t'aime ma chere!

Resting now before supper where paella will be served!


  1. Papa,
    That breakfast looks delicious and nutritious!
    Je t'aime

    1. Jeanne,

      As usual you are right on both counts!

      Je t'aime