Saturday, 26 April 2014

Camino Frances (April 26, 2014) - Day 64 Torres del Rios to Logrono

Today shall be known as the wet rained steadily in the morning resulting in you guessed feeling very wet...soaked... even though I was wearing the world's best Goretex Arcteryx Jacket. An easy day though of 22 kms over 4.5 hours.

Last night's supper was once again very good...we had Guiseppe (champion snorer and cougher from Italy) and his wife join us. He's a nice guy who tries hard to communicate with us...I did pick up that in 2009 he walked from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port to Finisterre in 20 days or 44 kms per day! incredible!

Pasta and meat starter
Meat balls and French good!

Some type of yogurt dessert

Slept extremely well last night in our room for four and woke up knowing that we had a short day ahead of us...a great feeling. On the way down I noticed some very very tired pilgrims with one flaked out on a couch...unfortunately the Italian snorer had kept them all awake in the large dorm room (likely 30 beds)! Oh I felt sorry for them ๐Ÿ˜...really not mature but I was thinking back to Roncesvalles!!!

On the way out we met Guiseppe and his wife again...he was carrying both packs! This may well be the last time we come across them as they are targeting to be in Santiago on May 16th. At this point we are on target to be in O'Cebreiro on May 12th (meet Cyrille) and Santiago de Compostela on May 17th (Paulo completing his Camino).

Guiseppe and wife
Our group Malte, Paulo, Marc and me continue to be walking well together...aches and pains all round but nothing serious at present.

As I was walking I was comparing the getting lost experience of the Camino Frances to my previous Camino's in Switzerland and comparison at all. On the Camino Frances you really have to work to get lost...signs well placed, pilgrims ahead of you and local people letting you know when you stray. I may regret these comments in days to come however no problems to date.

A strong day on the Canadian lapel pin front...not sure how many however recipients I can recall are: two Korean pelegrinas (love their positive reaction), a Spaniard pelegrina and a number of Spanish local people in Logrono...two ladies who had a small tienda (shop), three young teenage girls, a family of six where we had lunch (small kids very excited) and the owners of the lunch bar. 

Early morning pictures were restricted due to the rain...

Half eaten are right not very nourishing!
We did stop shortly thereafter at a Panaderia where I had two chocolate picture due to rain.

Vineyard foreground and Olive trees in background

Mud and more mud!
Stork on nest
We arrived in Logrono just after noon and made our way downtown to eat lunch at a local small bar.

Lunch was a real treat as we were at a local tapas bar...local drink called Sidras natural
Various tapas items...I only had 6 of them!
Malte taking his turn
Where we ate lunch

We are in a fantastic Albergue called Checkin Rioja in Logrono costing 18.5€ each. We are sharing a room with 5 beds...very very clean and welcoming atmosphere. Paulo and Malte are discussing tomorrow's accommodation in Najera...similar to when I was with Cyrille and Georges in France. I am providing high level help, mentoring, outlining the main critical success factors and sage advice.

Essentially I am doing DIDDLY SQUAT and enjoying myself ๐Ÿ˜Š. It's 3:00...soon we are going exploring in Logrono...more to report on tomorrow! Next three days are 30, 35 and 33 kms...glad for the rest today!


  1. The scenery is amazing. So beautiful!! Good luck over the next few days. Hope your feet stay in good shape! Pauline

  2. Meatballs and french fries?! Jealous!

    1. Jeanne,

      Delicieux...tu devrait รชtre jalouse.

      Je t'aime