Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Camino Frances (April 23, 2014) - Day 61 Larrosoana to Zariquiegui

Another very good day on the Camino Frances as we walked 28 kilometres in 6.5 hours or so. The sun was shining, weather in the 15 to 20 degree range and the trail was relatively easy most of the day.

In yesterday's blog I mentioned our stay at the Pension Tau...supper was simply superb...perfecto (not sure what language that is).

Best vegetable soup ever!

Veal cutlet and pimentos
Creme Brule
So after dodging the municipal albergue and the gentleman snorer we thought we had died and gone to heaven until...we go to sleep and no sooner Marc is sleeping and snoring like crazy. I mean really loud...Paulo is being polite however both of us can't believe what is happening. So I gave Marc a gentle brotherly love tap and he rolled over a bit and stopped. If he hadn't...a short Camino I am afraid!

The early part of the day saw us walking by the river and nice forest paths.

By 11:00 we were in Pamplona...a really special place where we stopped at a local bar for a sandwich and to reserve a place for tonight at the Posada Ardogi in Zariquiegui.


Within an hour or so we were past Cizur Major where a highlight for Marc was seeing the wind turbines.

Cizur Major wind turbines

Nice scenery...very colourful fields

A plus for the day was once again the Canadian lapel pins...gave out 30+ for sure. It started at breakfast where I gave Jean-Louis and Renee a pin each...and innocently asked whether they would like extras. Well Renee has 4 children and 10 grandchildren (youngest 8 days old) so I gave her 15 pins.

As the day progressed Micheal (Chicago), two unsuspecting German ladies sitting at a table, a bartender, Malte from the Netherlands and the gentlemen who snores so badly and his wife (Italians I learned) were recipients. I thought by giving the lapel pins to Mr. Snorer that this might relieve some bad karma...

Best part was a group of 5 Koreans who were so clearly overjoyed to receive the lapel pins...they started talking excitedly between themselves and then gave me two key chains with a Pope Frances picture. I was really touched by their generosity and gave one key chain to Paulo.

Another nice moment was meeting Paulo's family...Andrea, Beatriz (8) and Pablo (4) through can be wonderful.

On the physical side we are all frankly hurting a bit with feet are being the main concern. A lot of stretching going far I am faring the best with Marc hurting the most...right now a concern. We have to continue to be very careful and taking good breaks during the walking day.

Coming into Zariquiegui we met Wilfred from Germany who stayed at the municipal Albergue in Larrosoana last night. The previously mentioned couple from Italy was sitting 25 metres from us and Wilfred mentioned that for 3 nights he has basically not slept because of the snoring and coughing. Our conversation with Wilfred is really down to sign language however we did pick up gun, silencer, Italian kaput! Wilfred was tired however he was pushing onward an extra 10 kms just to ensure he was out of range.

A nice way to spend the late afternoon with friends...Paulo, Malte, me
Me, Paulo, Marc (bright shirt)
Look forward to tomorrow...planning on walking to Villatuerta


  1. Oncle Marc's hurting a lot?? Oh I feel bad about making fun of his orange-traffic cone shirt. Now that I've seen it again, it's more of a beautiful Spanish sunset-coloured shirt. And it really brings out his eyes. And shows off his defined muscles. It's just a really good shirt.
    Papa - please relay this message to my "cool Oncle Marc". Also, if you happen to read this comment before the other one, you can leave out the part where I made fun of his shirt and just read the compliment. We can just keep that whole orange shirt insult debacle between us...right?
    <3 <3 <3

    1. Jeanne,

      Great assured that your earlier comment about Oncle Marc's shirt looking like an orange pylon will stay between us.