Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Via Gebennensis (October 2, 2013) - Day 25 Le Pin to La Cote-Saint-André

Today was a perfect walking day...sunny, low 20's and other than 3 or 4 short heart pounding uphill stretches and 1 steep descent it was relatively flat. In total I walked 29.7 kms in just over 6 hours...again with a little extra thrown in at the end...more later.

Last night's supper was the most interesting of my journey (Switzerland and France) so far. The food was great and the company a lot of fun!

It started at 19:30 which is the standard time French people eat...I am starving by that time. Claude, Patricia (wife/friend), Joseph (not Yosef) and Albert were there. 

Pate and lentils

Saucisse marinated in a secret recipe and potatoes
Variety of cheese (slice with stripe in middle is from Jura region)

All of the above was incredibly good and of course I thought we were done however Claude told me dessert was yet to be served.

Crisp with blackberries

A great meal however the best part was the company. Claude is really quite an interesting character...very diverse individual. He is a comedian, has written over 200 songs which he performs, has written two novels, is a local activist involved in all things political in his home village and a fervent environmentalist.

Claude speaks German quite well, Patricia not at all...so the conversation over the next hour and a half was Claude speaking German with Joseph and Albert...Claude translating for Patricia and me...Claude, Patricia and me speaking in French and Claude translating to Joseph and Albert...Albert and I having a hilarious broken English conversation and my translating to Claude and Patricia and Albert translating for Joseph. An absolute zoo of a conversation yet a lot of laughs and some very serious animated conversation between Claude and Albert.

Small world...over 30 years ago Dawn and I backpacked through Europe and one day we went on a real journey to a very small village called Bois d'Amont in France as this is where my family name originates from. For some reason I mentioned this to Claude...guess what...Bois d'Amont is one of his favourites places to cycle to and to spend time in and around the village. How could this be?

As we were getting ready to retire for the night Claude brought out his guitar and sang one of his songs about the mountain...really strong melodic voice...everyone was clapping as he finished.

In the morning I made arrangements to purchase and send home one of Claude's books...out of interest and to support his efforts.

Breakfast was very simple...jams all made by Claude and Patricia, toast and tea in a bowl.

Claude asked Albert if we were walking together...he said no as Canadians were too fast so we parted ways with Joseph wanting more pictures.

Me, Claude and Albert

The day went by fairly quickly...was kind of just moving along without paying much attention to anything in particular...sort of in a walking zombie zone. I had to pay extra attention to signs as I know this is when I get in trouble...was ok until the very end! A few pictures:

Beautiful morning

Beautiful morning

Reminded me so much of home...a Manitoba ski hill!

Once again came across WW1 memorials which continue to make me stop

WW1 - Saint-Hilaire-de-la-Cote where 51 soldiers died - population today 1,359
WW1 -Le Cote-Saint-Andre where 113 soldiers died - population today 5,076

Nice pleasant animals today

Nice pleasant animals today

Please notice the professional photo technique

I had been trying for two days to find out where tonight's hebergement was - Villa Jeanette to no avail. So I walked to the church of La Cote-Saint-Andre and then to a boulangerie for lunch...note it was already well past 2:00 and I had been walking over 5 hours with only a few nuts and water. Seriously I did not find any stores of any kind in the small villages I was passing through. I did however eat well...

Orangina drink, baguette with ham, chicken pizza slice, tartelette au chocolat avec orange - 8.5 Euros

This was died and gone to heaven territory...however as I pulled out my iPad I saw my email had finally been responded to...well back 1 km or so where I had already walked to Villa Jeanette!

Special Appeal

This morning I noticed that my blog had 99 subscribers...people that receive a daily email when a blog posting is made. 100 subscribers would most likely make this blog the most popular blog ever for someone from Western Canada, walking from Rorschach to Finisterre on a walk interrupted by a medical issue, married with 3 daughters, worked 35 years at an insurance company and owning a Tilley hat...so if your dog or cat has an email address please consider signing them up! One more!

Future Pilgrims

I am staying at the Villa Jeanette just before La Cote-Saint-Andre...once again a super room as you can see below and I'm sure supper will be great however the price is steep for demi pension at 70 euros. With additional review I am sure you can find something less expensive...believe tonight will my most expensive stay to date on my Camino journey.


  1. I don't have a dog or a cat and my chickens do not have internet access in their coop....however, I'd like to say I love your stories, and also appreciate your details about where you're staying and how much it costs. Very valuable information. You're going to feel positively rich when you get to Spain!

  2. Hi Rachael,

    Thanks for the good laugh! Had not thought of chickens...just after posting I had an email from someone and I think number 100 is there...a true person!


  3. A Manitoba ski hill! Classic Guy humour...classic.

  4. Hi Jeanne,

    Thank you...I am encouraged to keep trying my classic humour...one of ten times is good enough for me.

    Je t'aime


  5. Tartelette au chocolat ... must be a Snicker's bar in French!