Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Via Jacobi (August 7, 2013) - Day 7 Stans to Flueli-Ranft

Well my second sleep in straw experience was quite different...lie down in the straw and you feel like you're sinking a few feet! Lying on my back think of a V shape with you know what at the bottom of the legs being higher then my head. Pauline is that what you meant by raising my legs?

My own sleeping spot with table no less!
There were 8 of us sleeping there...two young ladies from Germany, couple and older son from Germany and I think father and daughter ( they came late). Unfortunately one of the young ladies was quite ill during the breakfast she was given dry toast and was so apologetic. Everyone didn't care about being woken up...just concerned for her. She ended up not walking today as a friend came and drove her...Marika the other girl must have continued walking.

I gave 6 Canadian pins (one to Monika the host) at breakfast and interestingly three of the group immediately pinned them on. It turns out the German couple's son has been to Canada to visit his other brother who was there for 6 months. Marika said she plans on visiting Canada with a friend next year...west coast is what Europeans seem to know about most.

So far I am meeting people who are out for a week to 10 days with the exception of the first two pilgrims I referred to in an earlier blog who are going to Geneva. It will be interesting when I meet the first person going to Santiago de Compostela.

New Zealand pilgrims going to Geneva
Met the New Zealand gentlemen for the second time...gave then Canadian lapel of them acted surprised and said he thought I would be in Santiago by now! Hope to meet them again on the way.

Today's walk was the easiest so far at 22.8 kms...was finished before me a chance to rest a bit. A few pictures from the day...

My blog writing spot
Typical Swiss countryside
 Large wood carving which represents my route finding pose very well

Goat without a mountain

Open one car train going up the mountain 

Wildlife incident

Seems like I have had a few of was simply following a sign and saw these in the distance.

Llamas, Alpacas, ???

I don't know what they were however thought you must be kidding if I am going to weave between these. I even panicked and went back 100 meters to make sure! Finally I simply went forward as there was no way I was going backwards to Rorschach...turns out they were tied to am I lucky!

I am at the A+B Rohrer-Gasser sleep and straw farm where I will behaving supper with at least 12 others...a gentlemen just drove up in a station wagon and unloaded a whole bunch of bags...could be a lot of fun tonight if the gear is for a groups of kids!

Sleep in straw farm

The next three days are all in the 25 km range and the last two nights will be in a private room...looking forward to that. I have uploaded a number of non triaged pictures to the Flickr link in the top hand corner of the blog.

First week completed...GPS tracker says I have walked 207 kms...the plan was to have walked 159 kms....getting lost and accommodation out of the way have certainly added fair distance.

Future Pilgrims

The sleeping area looks good however am going to reserve judgement on whether I recommend this sleep in straw farm. It is at least 1 km off the path and communication is non existent (resorted to drawing a clock with hands for supper and breakfast times) and perhaps a little incorrect.


  1. Guy, I am nearly exhausted imagining your daily workout. I look forward to your first day off so I can give my imagination a rest.

    In noting your challenges with the local wildlife, I did a bit a research to see what dangers might lie ahead. The one of greatest concern that caught my attention was something called a "marmot." It apparently hangs around in family groups of up to 15 and eats voraciously during the summer. Clearly something to be wary of.

    Thanks for keeping us all entertained with your daily updates. Keep up the good work.

    - Cal Brown.

  2. Guy,

    Why did you not create an LDR (Llama Decesion Request) with the appropriate RAMPS analysis?

    Re: picture of goat on Mountain. ... I thought you were going to say this is what you look like after a week on your Camino. ... Maybe your daughter should be worried about you looking "sharp" for her wedding!

    Greg A