Monday, 5 August 2013

Via Jacobi (August 5, 2013) - Day 5 Alphal to Brunnen

Today was an easy day (20.5 kms) except for the start where The Via Jacobi trail climbs 500 or so metres within a very short period of time to the Haggenegg pass which is just over 1,400 metres and the highest point on the Via Jacobi. I think I am starting to adjust somewhat to this billy goat walking.

Top of Haggenegg Pass - scenery was incredible as the Alps became visible in the distance

Switzerland has many shrines...a small shrine example

Another nice view

Via Jacobi passing a small church

Black Panther incident

Almost forgot to mention that on the way up to the Haggenegg pass I saw either a black house cat on the trail ahead of me or a small black panther. I was really sweating a storm at the time so it's difficult to say for sure.

My gut was telling me Black Panther (may be the first one ever seen in Switzerland). Very shortly thereafter my proof appeared...

Black Panther - How terrifying is that?

I am not sure what to do a out this now...will sleep on it tonight. I suspect if I tell someone they will likely say some common animal did this...then my story would be wrecked!

On the way down to Schwyz a fast moving pilgrim overtook me...and he stopped asking me if I was from Canada. His name was Thomas and we walked together for a half hour or so. He's from Bavaria, studied in England to get his PHD and is a teacher. On his father's side either his grandfather/mother is  Canadian so Thomas refers to himself as 25% Canadian. It was really good to have the chance to speak to someone in English...fine bloke...we parted in Schwyz as he was moving on to a further location than me. Thomas is walking for a week or so.

I arrived in Schwyz before noon therefore decided to just relax...bought a sandwich at a shop and my second cookie! I then stumbled onto a shopping mall and there found a Swiss mobile location...15 minutes later two very helpful young people had me set up with a SIM card for my iPad for 2 GB (39 Swiss francs). Two more Canadian lapel pins for their help!

Now for the computer literate reading far will 2 GB get me? If I start uploading pictures to my Flickr account will that chew up the data quickly?

Made it to the sleep in straw farm as it's impossible to miss...right by the Via Jacobi. Tonight I will sleep on straw for the first time. Have been chatting with a young guy Conrad from Austria for quite a while...he is going through Switzerland by bicycle...impossible going in a number of places.

Future Pilgrims

The Bucheli sleep in straw is right on the Via Jacobi...Cornelia is very pleasant and the setup with showers is again just what's needed. The price is right...get's a strong recommendation.

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  1. Hi Guy

    My standard "Yes and No or It Depends" answer. 2Gb could be about 1000 pictures depending on what kind of compression you are using. ... You should be compressing the pictures before sending them to flickr anyway. So you could be fine or you could be done after about 100 pictures.

    Some apps like Google Maps do use a lot of data.

    The pictures by the way are wonderful. .. But if you are worried about using up all your data, save the flickr updates for when you are around wi-fi, and just post teasers on the blog.

    Greg A.