Sunday, 4 August 2013

Via Jacobi (August 3, 2013) - Day 3 Watwill to Pfaffikon

Today was simply a very long and extremely hot day...apparently yesterday was 34C and I think today might be about the same....was told this is very unusual. As I write this a thunderstorm is brewing which should cool things down a bit!

A really nice breakfast with Anne and Rudolf...very relaxed conversation...didn't really want to start. After an exchange of an official stamp for my pilgrimage book and 2 Canadian pins (well received) I was off.

Overall a good day in that I really didn't get lost (well almost) however I ended up walking over 8 hours and my Bad Elf device indicates 41.8 kms. I wonder...I normally walk at a 5 km+ pace however with a full backpack? Tomorrow the plan is for just over 20 kms therefore we will see if this Bad Elf device is really working properly...assuming I stay on the path!

I met my first pilgrims...elderly guys originally from Switzerland but residing now in New Zealand. They were going to Geneva and kind of blanched when I told them my plan.

Shortly after passed 2 ladies with whom I exchanged greetings...then 2 young ladies who were walking  for a weekend Camino only. It was good to finally meet someone else walking even if I am the dreamer in the crowd,

Somewhere along the way I came across the car in picture...Jeanne I think Grandpapa might have bought  this one for you!

One seater smart car type car

Later in Smerlikon I had a tough decision to make...the Camino sign was pointing to the left...the Raperswill sign to the right. I went left for a few hundred meters however needed to cross train tracks! Forget it! I returned to the sign and stared at it hoping something would change.

A lady walked by and I asked her for her opinion. She immediately told me to take the Raperswill path and from a scenery point of view the path had a split the left a the right a train track and highway. My head may now be permanently turned to the left! One Canadian pin for the nice lady.

Highlight of today's walk had to be the 841 metres long wooden pilgrim bridge at Raperswill. I learned from Anne and Rudolf that the bridge was reconstructed some dozen years ago from donated wood from a Swiss merchant after a wicked storm that wrecked a lot of forest land.

Pilgrim bridge at Raperswill         

Just over the bridge a guy passed me and wished me a good Jakobsweg...turns out he completed the Swiss part a few years ago...gave him a Canadian pin as a small thank you.

Coming into Pfaffikon I was really starting to hurt...I drink and drink yet it never seems enough. Like an oasis in the desert a COOP store appeared and I bought a couple of sandwiches (one today & tomorrow) plus a few electrolyte drinks which really perked me up.

Then the magical sign that I am home for the day...Sleep in straw for the night

Had supper (food ok) with a couple from Israel...both university professors...Teva(?) originally for Turkey and Paul originally from Turkey. Had a really good chat...they are going for 10 days only. Turns out they had been to Nepal and Paul went to Everest base camp...while I didn't go to base camp we had something in common.

There are a few families as well here tonight...met Martina from Germany, her husband and two children...girl 5, boy 7 or so. They are walking 10 to 15 kms a day for a week! Hard to believe the kids will do this. I thought if I was a kid (sort of still am) I would like a Canadian lapel pin...asked Martina and she asked me to give them to the kids directly...that was fun!

Sitting outside...almost ready to crash it's past 3 with no access to WiFi...Internet cafes a thing of the past.

Future pilgrims

You can't go wrong at the Luezelhof sleep in straw in Pfaffikon...directly on the Via Jacobi and the Diller family is really accommodating...typical sleep in straw prices.

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  1. I suppose you are going to complain that the sign posting was designed by Systems Architects and not the user experience people!

    P.S. I meant to comment about your first coke. ... Now hopefully you understand better why I keep all that candy at my desk.

    I suppose they don't have 7-11's over there a Slurpee would have been even better.