Thursday, 15 August 2013

Via Jacobi (August 16, 2013) - Day 16 Lausanne to Allaman

Today was a super day for walking...6.5 hours worth or likely 25+ kms....more later.

Last night was spent in a dorm as mentioned in yesterday's blog. Surprise I was the first one in bed however the other three young guys came in some time after 10:00. What really impressed me is that they were very quiet and actually whispered between themselves...pretty impressive I thought!

I tried to return the favour this morning as I left the room at 5:45 as quietly as possible. Before leaving the hostel I left 50 Canadian lapel pins with a note to "help yourself". The hostel gives everyone a discount coupon for a breakfast at a bakery down the street.

Real Swiss hot chocolate!

I was bound and determined to find the Via Jacobi trail in Lausanne and I came with a few feet of doing so...entered a business 15 minutes before they were to open to ask...5 people there...5 Canadian lapel pins.

Some time during the day I added another pin for a lady's help. I have received a number of questions about how many/weight of the Canadian lapel pins. Before leaving I weighted them at just over 300 grams...I have about 250 left and am not sure how many I have handed out. What I have I plan on handing out before Le Puy en Velay as I have a re supply waiting for me! I know that taking the pins has added unnecessary weight and is not rational...however some might say this trip is not rational! For now I am having fun with it!

Today's walk followed the shoreline of Lake Leman and it was really quite something:

A typical Swiss experience?

A helicopter delivering a yacht on the lake

I kid you not I heard a helicopter overhead with a long cable holding a hatch. It went a ways onto the lake and then positioned the boat. Someone unhooked the cable and the helicopter left...yacht now on the lake!

A fine place on the lake!!

Park anywhere bike

  Cars parked on both sides of road in different directions   

While most of the walking was on paths along the lake or roads in the afternoon there was some nice forest walking as well

Sometime in the afternoon the trail starting going by some vineyards which I found really neat:

Again no dangerous animals seen (see below for unseen) however the swan population on Lake Leman was incredible...there were hundreds of these graceful birds...which didn't seem bothered by my walking by...

Sign to prove there are dangerous animals! Yes lizards...maybe not Komodo dragon size however likely dangerous non the less!

There is quite a history to the Chemin St. Jacques and it was inspiring to come across a plaque and sign of such...

I saw a sign somewhere which listed the 10 things you know you are Swiss of them was "when you grow up believing every cow has to have a bell". I realized today how much I miss the sound of the cowbells which in the early part of the walk was constantly in the background.

I arrived in late afternoon and am at Guy Marmet's B&B which means I have my own separate suite again overlooking a vineyard!

Guy invited me for a glass of wine with his friend Gabriel and we had an interesting chat for quite a while. It's fun to interact in this way...always learn something!

Had supper at he COOP shopping centre which is next door to what's the big deal Allaman has a population of 400 I understand! Apparently Swiss people from afar come to IKEA...why...inexpensive land and I suspect good economic breaks.

I am honestly concerned about my feet especially the very healthy blisters on both heals. My boots were broken in, are the right size, have very good socks with double liners (1,000 mile socks) and I have used a special cream daily. Still....the blisters come...

I went into a pharmacy and spoke to an expert...and walked out with a spray to ensure infections are prevented plus two kinds of of them Compeed which acts like a second skin. Feel good about this...

I also bought Vaseline which I have read on a Camino Forum is used by a number of walkers...why not try it!

Tomorrow a shorter day, assuming I stay on path like today, of 20 kms. to Nyons...and then to Geneva!

Future Pilgrims

Once again I have a great host in Guy Marmet and a equally comfortable sleeping location. Cost is 50 Swiss francs with breakfast...highly recommended.


  1. Hey Guy,

    Thanks for the extra food shots- enjoying them ! I know someone from work who is doing the Camino walk with her sister in a couple of weeks and I passed on your story of the missing rubber foot on one of your walking poles. She immediately wrote that down and said she would make sure to get spares for her trip. Without your updates she may never have considered it !


  2. I think the source of your blisters is your very high daily distance. Even with well broken-in boots and liner socks. Blisters on your heel indicate there is some movement between your foot and the boot in that spot. You could try lacing your boots differently, so that the heel is more effectively anchored in the boot. Also some preventive taping of the heel area would help you. I use Kinesioflex tape, but you should be able to find something similar at the local pharmacy. I also use a foot powder - liberally on both foot and in sock - religiously every morning. So far, no blisters! Good luck with sorting this out.