Sunday, 18 August 2013

Via Jacobi (August 17, 2013) Day 17 - Allaman to Nyons - Camino Journey is over


My Camino adventure came to a sudden and abrupt end yesterday. Essentially I developed a serious eye problem which necessitates an immediate return to Canada to determine next steps.

Yes I am finding this extremely hard to accept at this moment however I have so much to be thankful for. The problem surfaced on the day leading to Nyons which was the last day prior to Geneva and the completion of the Via Jacobi...almost anywhere else on the planned 100 day route would have been more serious.

When I really noticed an issue the B&B owner drove me to a medical centre from which I contacted Global Medical Assistance a program offered through my prior employer Great-West Life. The folks there were incredible and contacted a specialist in Geneva and he was waiting for me after a train/taxi ride. Note I waited 3 minutes from the purchase of the train ticket to actual boarding.

The doctor at the Geneva University hospital was extremely competent and compassionate. He diagnosed the problem and it was clear that an immediate change in plans was necessary. He went so far as to say he was sorry to deliver the news that I could not phone was dead and he used his to talk further to Global Medical last 3 Canadian lapel pins were given to him.

Global Medical Assistance kept working and set up a flight for the next day to get me home.

Dawn (my spouse and best friend) was super supportive when I really needed it and Heather (Dawn's sister) was an immediate source of much needed information as she dealt with her professional colleagues.

Over the next few days I will be focusing on getting well physically and reflecting on the positives associated with a great 3 weeks in many get to walk over 400 kms. as I had the chance to do. What was not done was not meant to be. 

Thanks to all of you for your comments and support during my 17 days...much appreciated.

For my own purposes I am publishing below the Camino blog I was working on when I recognized I had to seek is unfinished and unedited...which seems right to me.



Day 17 (Aug 17) - Allaman to Nyons

Essentially an easy and relatively short 5:15 hour walk today...expect in the low 20kms. Weather again great and no pilgrims in sight either. Guy Marmet told me that I am only the fourth pilgrim that has stayed at his place this year...down for sure from last year.

View from room

My breakfast was delicious...Gabriel last night was teasing Guy Marmet that the last place I stayed at had 4 kinds of jam in the blog picture. Guy you did an excellent job!


The better part of the morning walk was really pleasant as it alternated between lake side and vineyard walking. A few pictures...

Absolutely no dangerous animals today...believe they are gone...did see the following cat whom I thought had a different coat...99.95? sure it is not a leopard!

Not a leopard

 I was asked by someone if I could provide a mug here it is:

Mug shot August 17th

In the early late morning there was a stretch around Gland and into Pranyins that was less than inspiring. For the first time I had to walk a fair distance on what I considered a major is an example of a long walk...

A bit boring!


  1. Guy,
    You will be recovering when you read this. I am extremely proud of you for having accomplished what you did on your Camino beginnings. In your case, it is the end of the Camino, however, it must be said: there is a reason for all that happens to us. Your blog entries were a source of heavy discussion in our family each and every day 'Guy wrote in his blog!!'. Who would be the first around here to read your entries and enjoy all of your pictures...? You are proud of what you were able to experience and it shows. Welcome home big brother.

  2. Hey Guy, Your blog posts have been the highlight of our evenings for the last while. I'm very concerned that, with you deciding to take a vacation from your travels, I might actually have to expend some energy of my own to provide some entertainment. C'mon home and get well. We're looking forward to hearing of your adventures first-hand. I'm sure you're looking forward to shaving. See you soon.
    - Cal Brown

  3. Guy,

    My wife Robyn and I were truly saddened by the news. She has never met you but she came to know you through my stories from work and more deeply from your blog. Your situation reminded us of a couple we met.

    We met a retired couple in the Adirondack mountains of New York one year while motorcycling through the north east. The were from Wyoming (just outside Yellowstone) had the ambition to cycle (not motorcycle) across America (San Francisco to Bar Harbour Maine).

    When we bumped into them in the middle of nowhere when looking for a place to pitch our tent, they were just a few days into resuming their trip which they also had to pause the year before due to medical issues. They had flown back to where they left off and continued on...determined to make it. We kept in touch via email for a while and were happy to learn that they made it (on their third resumption/attempt).

    I hope you recover soon and if you do decide to resume...just think of how much much better prepared/knowledgeable you will be...and if you don' was definitely an awesome journey.

    Once you are well enough, I'd love the opportunity hear about what the people and places were like over a breakfast of fruit pie, five (or more) jams, and coffee.

  4. Guy,
    I am truly sorry that your "Way Long Walk" ended up as a "Long Walk". Your daily entries were both informative and entertaining. You will have great memories from this adventure and as you have been posting to the Internet, you know they will be around for a long time.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you for a Safe return to Canada and as you deal with the eye condition.

    As a side note, I have to concur with your Daughter, you look quite distinguished with the beard. Without glasses you could pass for George Clooney. (OK, not so much if Iput my glasses back on, but who know perhaps there could be a movie deal in the works.)

    Take care,
    Greg A.

  5. Sorry to hear... Take care of yourself..