Sunday, 4 August 2013

Via Jacobi (August 4, 2013) - Day 4 Pfaffikon to Alphal

Finally Internet access...not sure how far I walked today as my Bad Elf device does not seem to want to download the trip. It was supposed to be 21 kms however I definitely added a few extra kilometres trying to find WiFi or even buy a data card in Einsiendeln. It turns out I walked 27.5 kms yesterday (Aug 5th).

I also started to make some adjustments...switched to my 1,000 mile blister free socks as you can guess what happened after yesterday. I tried wearing long pants to give added protection from the sun however it was simply too hot...tomorrow I think I am going to start shedding some weight. The little day backpack and the second pair of long pants are likely to go first. 


A word of warning in advance of your wedding as I will now have many, many shades of colour...feet white, then two toned legs due to short and long socks, typical tan lines with short sleeve shirt, tan lines for watch and hand straps for poles. Who knows what will happen when I shave this scruffy beard. I'm going to the sharpest looking Pa you have ever had when you and Steven get married!

Had a laugh last night as I was in the loft at the sleep in farm as were Marina and family. We had a wall separating us however could hear the kids having a grand old time trying to settle down. They were just too wound up...having crude contests and the parents were doing a fair amount of "shushing". I didn't mind at all...brought back some fond memories.

Breakfast - no shortage of choices

Day started out hot again and I had a 550 meter climb...picture does not do it justice at all!

Sign at the bottom of this was in German of course...however I believe it said Billy goats only without backpacks or crazy Canadians.

Speaking of language it was explained to me that the Swiss learn some French early and then German...don't know if High/Low however my friend Dennis would know as he knows most everything. Swiss people speak a dialect of German amoung is a language that is handed down through families as opposed to being learned in school.

So the Swiss understand German however the Germans do not understand the Swiss. I don't understand anything!

Over the course of the day there was some really scenic walking and finally some chance to walk in shade at times.

A nice stretch

Last evening a couple came over to talk and when I mentioned I was going to Einsiendeln they said I must stop at the was one of the finest in Europe. Well I spent an hour or so around and in the church and for me it was a very moving experience. The church and surrounding Benedictine monetary is spectacular...cannot describe it!

Pilgrims come from all over the world to see the black Madonna which is a statue of the Virgin Mary. Over the centuries she turned black due to dust and the soot from candles, oil lamps and incense. In 1803 the Madonna's hand and feet were painted black.

Pauline, Marc

I lit a candle in memory of Pa and positioned it in the corner just like he would have wanted...and the tears came...not sure why after a whole year however the organ music and the atmosphere were really overwhelming.

A few hours later of easy walking I ended up in Alphal at the B&B what luxury!

Future Pilgrims

If you want to treat yourself and I had decided in advance that I would then this is the place to stop...great meal (heavy on protein finally), hosts in Stephen and Simone and a really cool location. The drawback is it's pricey for pilgrims at 70 Swiss francs.

The next 4 nights are at sleep in straw farms therefore expect to be off the grid again...oh at the meal tonight shared with another German couple and Stephen and Simone's son I handed out 5 Canadian lapel pins...seemed to be a good way to start.


  1. Hi Guy:

    One of your friends told me about your journey and blog. I completed the Camino Frances (starting in St. Jean, ending in Santiago) in June.

    Just wanted to let you know I am reading along. I used my camino as a way to get off-line, so did not blog it; however, I have been writing a few blog posts since then.

    Buen Camino pilgrim!


  2. Allo Guy!!
    I am so delighted to read about all of your adventures. Your pics are awesome. Keep taking them. Thanks for sharing with Marc & I about your experience when lighting the candle for Pa. My eyes swelled as I re-read this 3 times. Pa would have loved this walk 'back in the day'! Prends soins et ENJOY! Please elevate your legs at every opportunity. Really. Je t'aimes - Pauline :)

  3. Hi Papa,

    Good show! I've been enjoying your updates. Especially the cow in the road, that sounds very stressful.

    As for the wedding, I had already anticipated you would look terrible...I'm sure you won't disapoint.

    Keep enjoying les aventures!

    Je t'aime,


    1. Hi Lise,

      La vache était suis ok. Je vais paraître très "sharp" pour ton craint pas!

      Je t'aime