Friday, 22 November 2013

Via Podiensis (October 23, 2013) - Day 45 Cahors to Lascabanes

Today was a short day at 22 kms covered in a little over 5 did however have a major scary moment...more on that later.

Yesterday late afternoon we visited Cahors for a bit by going to the cathedral which is a very impressive church. Pauline and Marc I lit another candle for Pa...he is now lighting up churches across Europe!

Cahors cathedral

Prior to leaving Cahors I bought some foot pads to provide additional padding under the front part of my foot as walking is taking it's toll. So far I have walked 1,150 kms...

We left really late around 10:15 after going to a supermarket (first one since Le Puy en Velay) and salivating over the various food items. Cyrille woke up with a wicked sore throat and announced that he might have to stay in Cahors for the day. We encouraged him to see a doctor, which he did, and then give it a try.

It would have been very sad to leave without him as our paths may not have crossed again. That is however an accepted risk when groups form...the group simply moves forward.

Supper last night at the youth hostel was ok...what you might expect from this type of hebergement.

Ate my fish before taking picture!

Chocolat pudding
At supper we met a pilgrim from Switzerland, Jean-Michel (41) who has shut down his plumbing business to walk from his home town Moudon (I passed through Moudon on the Via Jacobi) to walk to Santiago de Compostela. He does not have any set plans and thinks he could be away from home for up to one year.

In the morning we had a very stiff climb out of Cahors for about 700 meters...essentially stone steps often with a 12 to 15 inch rise. Long legs really helped otherwise I could see someone having to be pushed up from behind (beware Marg if you ever try this!).

Overall today wasn't the most scenic day however I enjoyed the walk...a quiet stroll in France. A few pictures from the day:

Cahors bridge

A break!

Not too inspiring again
Lunch with clothes drying
A nice trail

The major scare, sorry I did not get a picture, was a small snake on the trail. After all the talk of poisonous vipers I don't know what it was...however I'm sure I came very close to dying. Georges has been talking for days about vipers (dangerous and small) and larger snakes (not dangerous) that he came across in this trail section last year. 

You have to admit this is no longer a fictitious dangerous animal time!

After settling into our Gite in Lascabanes Georges, Yosh and I went to pilgrims mass at 6:00 where I read the prayer again...starting to wonder why I am always the chosen one. We have taken to calling Georges... Moses given the one ever asks him though. The main highlight was the washing of old pilgrim tradition...actually only the left foot.

Future Pilgrims

We are staying at the Nid des Anges...a superb Gite. We are sharing a room for 5 with demi pension at 32 euros. Highly recommend!

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