Thursday, 21 November 2013

Via Podiensis (October 22, 2013) - Day 44 Vaylats to Cahors

I'll call today a somewhat tedious 25 km walk over 6 hours. Most of the walking was flat, except for the descent into Cahors and the scenery was somewhat limited...again mostly forests. Suffice to say this isn't the most spectacular stretch of the The Puy route however no big deal considering le Chemin has been beautiful and challenging to date.

Thankfully we shared some good laughs as a group and made forward progress.

Last night's meal was a shared one with a couple of French randonneurs (not to be confused with pelerins). Randonneurs walk sections of the many many GR trails in France often for short bursts...a pelerin is on a long walk specifically on GR65 which eventually leads to Santiago de Compostela.

But I digress as other supper attendees were two hospitaliers...Monique and Sylvie  (people who help) and 25 or so nuns...likely averaging 85+ years old. All received Canadian lapel pins after Monique and Silvie introduced us as pilgrims. Clearly some of the nuns were unaware of what they had received...Georges asked Monique if she could make a special announcement that the pins were not to be swallowed. Thankfully that did not happen...pilgrim humour after a long day! Some pictures from the day...

Chicken noodle soup

Vegetables, potatoes and beef

Fruit muffin and pudding

 Cyrille, Georges, Monique, Yosh and Frank     

Couvent de Malet

Typical walking

A problem!

Cyrille ahead for once!

Frank leaving...good guy!

Packed lunch - not too good with a mouldy sausage which was thrown away

Future Pilgrims

We are staying at the Foyer des Jeunesse de Quercy at Cahors. We are in a room for 4 with demi pension at 27 euros. Overall ok for a larger centre like Cahors however not really comparable to many other Gites along le Chemin

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