Thursday, 21 November 2013

Via Podiensis (October 19, 2013) - Day 41 Livinhac le Haut to Figeac

A very pleasant walking day today of 25 kms over 6 hours or so. Last night wasn't the most restful as it turns out that Daniel who was sleeping in the bottom bunk snores pretty bunk shakes a bit!

Last evening was another treat at la Bella Doriah where Yanni and Andre prepared a real feast for us...

Vegetable pasta with cheese! Super good

We ate heartily and the conversation was free flowing. For desert we had a great fruit salad...sorry no picture.

At supper were Selva (France), Ingrid, Georges, Cyrille, Yosh, Daniel, myself and of course Yanni and Andre. After supper we were in for another treat as Andre placed the official tampon in our pilgrim credentials.

Special toe credential!

Yes you are seeing right as Andre first colours his toe with felt marker and then presses down firmly in the credential...unique!

The morning passed by quickly and while there was some climbing to Montredon the walking was essentially flat. A few pictures from today...

Georges early in the morning - takes a while to get the motor going

Hunting in progress - nice to know when you are walking besides the hunters!

Yosh motoring ahead
Lunch - Georges, Daniel, Yosh, Frank & Cyrille

The BIG and welcome change for me is that I am no longer walking alone. Today there were 5 of us Yosh, Georges, Cyrille, Daniel (who is leaving in Figeac) and me.

I met Frank, who was in an earlier picture, on le Chemin sometime today. Frank is from a village just outside of Saint Jean Pied de Port and he is a very interesting as he is a professional clown...not kidding. He does 60+ shows a year and teaches circus training in schools, juggling, trapeze etc. he is walking for one week to get some relaxation.

Walking together as mentioned in earlier post is interesting as different combinations form throughout the day. We have an agreement to meet at a certain location and the rest just takes care of itself. Georges is the unofficial leader as he takes care of reservations...after asking for opinions. I no longer sweat any of fine with anything suggested...low cost dorms going forward!

Tonight we are going out to eat as Daniel is leaving tomorrow. The forecast is for rain tomorrow and we have 31 kms or so to cover!

Future Pilgrims

In Gite St. Francois in Figeac at 22.5 euros for a dorm room with breakfast. An interesting place...well actually a dump as our room is upstairs...past the dogs...past the grunge...past the kitchen which is just outside our room. To get to the toilet and shower, which is filthy, one must go through the kitchen as they have a restaurant downstairs!

Definitely not recommended accommodation...pass on this place!

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