Thursday, 21 November 2013

Via Podiensis (October 21, 2013) - Day 43 Carjarc to Vaylats

A very very long day at 33 kms in a little over 7 hours. We were really moving today as the scenery wasn't much to look at (read boring) as most of the day was spent in a forest. I like walking on forest trails however hours of it is a bit much!

We did however walk in perfect weather...forecast for tomorrow is RAIN however for the last while the rain seems to always be a day ahead and hasn't materialized...hope our luck holds out!

Last evening Yosh, Frank, Cyrille, Georges and I went to a pizzeria...good time! Frank got things off to a great start by juggling potatoes prior to supper...he wasn't kidding when he said he had clown skills! Beers all round and individual pizza's. 

Frank juggling potatoes

Chicken kidney topping...interesting. It's tasty!

Pigged out! Chocolate cake, ice cream and whipped cream - ate every crumb!

I had a great sleep except my iPad which was back from the dead, had a previous alarm set for 6:15...not the group agreed upon time of 6:45. Uh...sorry guys...

My iPad is no longer toast as it turns out it needed a hard reboot...plug it in and hit two buttons and hold for 10 to 15 seconds...thanks Andrew for helping me out here!

Breakfast was at 7:30 and was very good.

Skipped this cereal!

Guy, Cyrille, Yosh and Georges

Early morning fog as usual

Then the long walk started...I led for a good part of the day followed by Yosh, Georges and eventually Cyrille who left 45 minutes after us...had to stop at a pharmacy to take care of a bad cold.

As mentioned earlier, the scenery wasn't great mostly flat roads in a forest...33 kms were essentially a military type march. Somehow we were all ended up walking in together to Couvent in Vaylats. For me today is about as fast as I can walk over a sustained time period as we averaged just under 5 kms per hour over the day. A few pictures from the day...

Right or Left...thanks cairn builder!

Long tedious stretch

Lunch today...yeah boulangerie open!
Georges and Yosh at lunch break

Cyrille - at beer break in evening


Future Pilgrims

We are staying at the Couvent des files Jesus in Vaylets. I am in a shared room, lunch tomorrow and demi pension for 32 euros. Plus you can have a beer for 1 euro! Highly recommend!

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