Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Via Podiensis - Back Home!

Well it's been a little over a week since I have been back home...getting caught up on many things! I completed the Le Puy route in 27 days or an average just over 27 kms a day.

This was certainly more than I had planned for however there are number of reasons for this such as...joined a group of strong walkers, Gite availability was low as they were closing and I simply felt stronger.

Overall a great walk over varied terrain which I would recommend to anyone who has a bit of a odd sense of what a great vacation is and who has a bit of stubborn streak in them. There were so many highlights however upon reflecting on this route what will always stand out for me were the friendships made over the last number of weeks.

Over the next few weeks, excluding next week, I will be updating my blog with notes made the old fashion way...on paper. Some blog days will be shorter as either I was tired or rain prevented taking pictures...also walking with others changed the focus somewhat as well I.e was drinking a beer on some terrace instead of blogging.

Unfortunately I have as yet not found a way to publish to the Blog without triggering an email to the subscribers of the blog. Unless I solve this you will receive 20 or so emails over the next number of weeks...sorry! One way to avoid this is for you to unsubscribe and then return to the blog at a later date should you wish to do so.

When I complete updating the blog I will try my hand at creating a picture slide presentation of the Via Jacobi, Via Gebennensis and Le Puy (Via Podiensis) routes. Who knows they may be nominated for next years Academy Award category for Best short silent film on 2013 adventure walking in Europe by Canadian who worked 35 years for a large insurance company. When I complete these I will post an update on the blog. 

I will be completing the long walk (850 kms to go!) through Spain starting mid April 2014. I will be joined by my brother Marc so that should be fun! Thanks to all who followed the blog and for supportive comments along the way...they were appreciated and sometimes really necessary!

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