Friday, 6 December 2013

Via Podiensis (November 2, 2013) - Day 55 Arzack-Arrizguet to Arthez-de-Bearn

Again a relatively easy day from an elevation gain perspective...a couple of 15 minute walking uphill stints but at this point these don't seem too difficult. I walked 29 kms in a little less than 7 hours in perfect weather...shorts and a short sleeve shirt.

For the next few days we can expect rain...sure is cloudy out there now! I think our luck has run out...what a run!

Last night there were many pilgrims at our communal supper. The 3 Belgium couples, Claude & Marie, Georges, Cyrille, Anna, Jean-Michel and I were all there. At the end of supper Samuel, a young guy from Quebec joined us. Apparently Samuel is walking with 250 euros to his name and spends 9 out of every 10 nights sleeping outside. 

Supper last night what one can expect for 23 euros demi pension. Good but not haute cuisine.

Tomato based soup
Porc terrine
Chicken and macaroni
Fruit cocktail

This morning I left after Claude and Marie however finished in front of everyone by 45 minutes...walking very strongly again today...wish I knew why! A few pictures from today:

Arbres des Pelerins sandwich available so suffered badly
Nice trail
Even nicer trail!
Incredible building covered in ivy!

WW1- Fichous Rimougou where 6 soldiers died

WW1 - Arthez de Bearn where 12 soldiers died

An interesting moment when I passed by Larreuselle at 11:00. I had been passing signs for well over a km saying "SNACK BAR" I was excited as I didn't have a sandwich so I entered the snack bar and asked the lady....sorry no bread!


She kindly asked me where I was going...I said Arthez de Bearn. She looked at me and said I would be OK if I arrived by noon...17.5 kms away! So...10 miles in one hour with an 11 kg backpack...sure 6:00 miles. No problem if I was Greg.

I didn't make it for 12:00 so no sandwich.

Future Pilgrims

I arrived at the Municipal Gite at 3:45 and the door was locked...nice guy across the street offered to phone and the Gite manager was here within 5 minutes.

Great room, showers etc. 10 euros without breakfast. This is Georges' last night...we are ordering from a local restaurant Chez Celia's who will deliver our pilgrims meal for 11.5 euros each.

I'm sad that Georges is leaving tomorrow...will give him my contact details...that the way of the Chemin. I'm going to miss the hunter stories, the struggles for a vegetarian meal, trying to keep up on the trail and the many laughs shared.

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