Friday, 6 December 2013

Via Podiensis (October 31, 2013) - Day 53 Manciet to Aire-Sur-l'Adour

Once again a perfect walking day...cold in the morning at 1C but climbing to 16C in the afternoon in sunny skies...what a lucky stretch of good weather.  The distance covered was however brutal at 36 kms over 8.5 hours.

Why so far? Well the pilgrimage has become very difficult from a reservation the last day or so we have heard from Gites that are normally open...closed too cold, not open due to having a meeting that night, no meals at this time. So...we pushed ourselves to walk to Aire-sur-l'Adour.

Last night's supper was so poor I don't even have so soup, ham slice, macaroni and cheese that was tasteless and a ball of glue. Not a French cuisine highlight...I give the Bar Restaurant Michele a do not go rating.

I walked strongly for the first 12 kms or so, poorly for the next 12 kms as my legs were simply not driving forward. After lunch I got a second wind and walked strongly for the last dozen kms.

Tomorrow...same story...planning to go 32 kms or my 3rd straight day over 30 kms. I told Georges and Cyrille that I am willing to give it my best shot however if I feel weak I will cut out early...that would be the end of our walking together and that would be sad. Tonight I will make sure that we exchange addresses.

Today wasn't much from a scenic perspective...however a few pictures from the day... chocolate!
Frost on ground
Georges moving ahead
And more corn fields!
Pyrennes in background


Agricultural area
Countless ducks

Just before 4:00 I saw what at first thought were 4 beaver pups with a mother beaver cross the trail just ahead of about dangerous animals! Cyrille later told me that they were large rats! Come to think of I am not sure why I though they were beaver (homesick maybe?) as they had skinny tails and were in a cornfield!!!

Lunch was a welcome and saving experience for me!

Yes a chocolate bar...I shared!

WW1 - Aire-sur-l'Adour where 117 soldiers died

At the Aire-sur-l'Adour information centre we met the 2 couples from Belgium and 2 ladies from the supper where I had experienced a difficult evening. They wanted to go out for drinks but I excused myself...too tired and honestly did not want to spend more time with them.

Future Pilgrims

We are in the hotel Chez Alzhumat which is a little more expensive at 44 euros demi pension...however the room is really a nice one. I am sharing the room with Cyrille and Georges is with Jean-Michel from Switzerland.

I recommend this hebergement assuming you are willing to spend a few extra euros...not much choice everything else is closed!

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