Sunday, 29 March 2020

Camino Primitivo Alternate Route (March 28, 2020) - Day 2 Grado to Salas

Today I managed to get an early start and was on the Camino path by 5:40 am. Overall walked 24.6 kms so overshot Salas by a few kms as the plan was 22.1 kms. That’s ok as I found a nice outdoor bench to sleep on.

Unfortunately a frightening start to the day as within 5  minutes I spotted what I have been fearing all along...the fearsome raccoon on the street JUST BEHIND the shed. He/she slipped into the field and I was super aware that there is an opening in the fence behind the shed! What should I do? Run out on street and yell for help or just wait and watch? Decided on the latter and thankfully all was ok.
Using the telephoto lens on my iPhone I snapped this photo

As mentioned I am listening to Podcasts from various sources...the latest of which is Malcom Gladwell’s Revisionist History which I highly recommend.

Overall today was more of a routine day on the Camino Primitivo as the terrain was fairly flat with few significant areas of elevation gain.
Elevation gains on Camino Primitivo

When walking at higher elevations (on deck) one can see the side street and the many people who walk down to the ravine trails. Interestingly I have seen the same family of four on both days...yesterday they just they stared a bit longer probably wondering “what is that guy doing walking back and forth?” I think I need a sign or something for passers by.

You never know people might feel sorry for me and leave cookies, chips or maybe chocolate!

Late yesterday my favourite pilgrim (Dawn) joined me in the late afternoon for an period of an hour or so practicing as my oldest daughter Lise has called “Social Distancing at it’s finest”

Around 9:30 or so it started to rain and the wind came up quickly which is what Camino walking is all question about packing it in so I kept going.

Around 10:00 or so my favourite pilgrims came outside to keep me company...very thoughtful of Elodie and Rose along with Steven. Here is a short video of their Camino walk!

Basically that’s a wrap for today...feet are blisters however and wondering about some soreness which I suspect could develop into something later. We shall see however I am at km 51.2 and slowly making my way to Santiago de Compostela.

Tomorrow a shorter day at 19.8 kms to Tineo.


  1. Very impressed by the quality of your "telefoto" iphone lense! - signed your favourite daughter

    1. All 3 of my daughters are my favourite daughters!

    2. Eye roll...I know one name jumped to your head immediately!!

    3. Yes interesting how these things go. The comment came through as Unknown so I was sure it wasn't you...asked for cinnamon roll so assumed it wasn't Lise. Contacted Claire and asked her if she had commented. She said no but said it was interesting that I had assume that she was my favourite daughter :)

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  3. However as I told Claire you are all my favourite daughters!

  4. I notice that you're walking the Camino with no pack, relying on a spirit of generosity in the people you meet. I admire your courage.

    1. I was wondering when someone would notice this :). Will comment on this a bit in my next blog entry!