Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Kumano Kodo (Mar 24, 2015) - Day 2 Takara to Tsugizakura-Oji

Today was a perfect day for walking likely in the 10C range under sunny skies...very fortunate so far as this area of Japan is known for it's rainy climate. I walked approximately 15 km...mostly dawdling along at a relaxed pace.

The trail today for the first few hours was amongst the best I have walked...anywhere. For the most part it was cut into the forested mountain side...beautiful walking. While there is no real risk one still has to be careful as there are sections where one could roll/fall a very very long way by being careless.

Last night's supper was a real treat as are all Japanese style meals. Presentation is key with a lot of variety in small quantities. One simply has to be unconcerned about what is being served as all of it is delicious!

Supper - Sashimi of various types, tofu, vegetables, pickles, small fish

Supper -Kobe beef with cabbage in steamer
Supper - House specialty sashimi
Supper - Japanese custard...delicious!
Supper - Rice and miso soup
Supper - Vegetable Tempura
Supper - Raspberry sorbet
This morning's breakfast was just as interesting!

On the trail it was a quiet day with very few people walking. I did however meet a couple and two sons from Brazil who were walking the Kumano Kodo. He expressed some concern that the distances weren't far enough...not sure if his sons agreed!

One aspect of Japan which is unbelievable is it's high tech toilets...yes I know this isn't typical blog material but these aren't typical toilets. 

High tech Japanese toilet - take a look at this side arm console!

Yikes as I write this it is snowing outside...hopefully tomorrow is fine...mountain weather!

The Kumano Kodo has many interesting shrines and small monuments...here are just a few from the day.

A Japanese scarecrow...quite creative!

I haven't come across any scary animals yet however I did cross some quite dangerous bridges...here are a few!

Finally a number of pictures from the walk today...only way to get a flavour for this special place!

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