Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Camino Frances (May 13, 2014) - Day 81 Alto Poio to Sarria

Another super nice day walking 31 kms in 6 hours to Sarria. Frankly...despite the spectacular scenery I walked deep in thought most of the day...and paid very little attention to my surroundings. So as much as one can sleepwalk for 31 kms that's what I did.

We are in the O Durmiento Albergue in a room for the four of us...two bunk beds...seems fine for 10€ each. Sarria is just over 100 kms from Santiago de Compostela and my understanding is that a high number of pilgrims start from Sarria as this will ensure they receive a Compostela.

No Canadian lapel pins given today...a first I think over my long walk.

On a sad note my George Clooney sunglasses are gone...quite upset at having left them wherever...also missing a sock. You may think it would be so easy to keep track of so few possessions yet all the packing and unpacking is a real challenge!

Last night the four of us had a fun supper...Portuguese, French and English to get ourselves understood. The Hostal owner was quite a crusty interesting guy...

Overflowing vegetable soup
Pork chop, fried egg and guess what...French fries! Was tasty!

Santiago pie
When we started this morning is was 4C or so...with the wind it was freezing...with the fog added in yikes!

Really chilly start!

This gives a good idea of start weather conditions!
Within a hour or more the fog lifted and I could start feeling my fingers again...some of the pictures I took while sleepwalking through the day...

Cyrille and Paulo

119 Kms to Santiago de Compostela

Three and a half days to Santiago de Compostela, a rest and then 3 days to Finisterre. I am very much going to miss friends such as Paulo and now Cyrille however am looking forward to going home soon!

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  1. I can't believe you could sleep walk through such beautiful country but obviously your deep thoughts were rewarded with a miracle. Enjoy your last few days. Hugs