Saturday, 10 May 2014

Camino Frances (May 10, 2014) - Day 78 El Acebo to Cacabelos

Much much better today...walked quite strongly over 31 kms in about 6 hours. Last night I was very concerned however when I woke up I felt better and had some encouraging emails from Marg (a good friend from my previous employer), Claire (my youngest daughter) and Daniel (true gentleman that I had the pleasure of walking with in France for the better part of week last fall).

Their comments really set the day off to a great start...Claire commented that I was so pathetic in yesterday's blog that she would not make fun of me in her email...a first I think...I chuckled to myself most of the morning thinking about this.

To top this Paulo and Marc told me they had discussed things last night and were prepared to take a rest day with me if required. True teamwork here...they both knew that it would take a lot to keep me off my feet today however the gesture was much appreciated.

Today was a day of extremes...morning had perhaps the finest walking of the entire Camino so far...could have walked forever on these paths...afternoon went the other way as we somehow took a wrong turn in Ponferrada...and walked for well over an hour on a busy road to Camponaraya. Yuck! felt like the walk into Burgos all over the end no big deal as we knew where we were going.

We are staying at the Hostal Santa Maria in Cacabelos in a room with 3 single beds...great location and very nice room at 19€ each. 

Marc's feet are basically a super mess...a real combination of multiple blisters...Paulo still has foot issues for sure...I'm the lucky one! Paulo just showed Marc's feet to his wife Andrea through FaceTime...I think she just passed out!

Paulo getting ready for blister surgery on Marc's feet (they stink apparently)
Last night's supper at 12.5€ for a pilgrim's menu was one of the best so far.

Last night's supper - Ham and white asparagus as a first course (one of four choices)
Shrimp omelette and of course French fries (Marc had rabbit, Paulo had chicken)

Chocolate tort - superb!
We got up early at 5:30 and had breakfast at La Trucha at just before 6:30 we were on the road. Sure it's still dark at this time but it's so cool and refreshing. The daily target is to be off the road and sun by early to mid afternoon...achieved today!

Coming into Ponferrada we came across a Spanish couple who were clearly walking a short distance (small backpacks)...what a show the gentlemen put on. He was talking Spanish non stop...clearly angry at times...mostly as he was reading from a sheet with complex directions. At some point he followed us as we went the wrong way...and had to scramble up a hillside to get back to the road. We were killing ourselves laughing...trying not to be too obvious ... Quite the spiritual adventure his Camino. A few pictures of the day...

Ponferrada Templar remains
Paulo's furniture store
Spain's economy and unfinished buildings

We are within two short days of O'Cebreiro (where we meet up with Cyrille) and seven days from Santiago de Compostela! It's happening!


  1. Nice blog ! I'm Luiz. Paulo's brother from Recife . We are all following your steps from down here. Keep it up !!

  2. Hi Luiz,

    Great to hear from you and viva Brazil! Paulo is a good friend and is doing very well on the walk...sort of like a Canadian! We are close to Santiago!