Thursday, 8 May 2014

Camino Frances (May 8, 2014) - Day 76 Villavante to Santa Catalina des Somoza

Tired...pooped...feet are sore! Overall a good day totalling 31 kms over 6:30 hours however for me anyway I found the last couple of hours tougher than most. We started just after 6:00 this morning which is great...was still dark though and we missed an early turn...not critical though.

After a half hour stop for desayuno and a few stops here and there including likely an hour in Astorga, which looks like a beautiful city, we arrived in our Albergue El Caminante just after 2:00. We have a private room for 16.5€ each...a real nice way to end the day!

Last evening we had a good supper...we were joined by Larry a fellow Canadian from Ontario. His reasons for doing the Camino are pretty deep...certainly more profound than mine, Marc and Paulo's. For me seems like a neat thing to do, a challenge mentally and physically and a chance to see new things...not to deep!

Yesterday's heat and my chocolate bar...note garbage can!
Nice spaghetti and sauce

Pork loin and French fries (what else!)

Marina, Paulo, Marc, Larry, Guy, Alessandro
There were some really nice sections to today's walk especially prior to Astorga...after that as mentioned earlier one had to dig a little deeper to make it in. The sun is so strong in Spain...I can't imagine doing the Camino Frances in the summer. Even with very generous amounts of sun screen I am still having sun challenges! A few pictures from the day...

Uh let me see left or right?

Incredible bridge coming into Hospital de Orbrigo

A blue door

A fancy door

Nice easy walking

Very creepy statue

A Donativo stand
Paulo had seen this stand on a YouTube video where David and his wife run this on a Donativo basis. There was fruit, juice, just gives what one wants. I gave out 6 Canadian lapel pins here...a German girl, David and his wife and 3 older Australian ladies who are walking the Camino together. The ladies were super of them asked for our addresses as she will be sending a copy of her intended Camino book!

Interesting guy singing before we entered Astorga

One of many pilgrim statues

Marc takes pictures of doors so I decided I would too
My backpack feels this big sometimes
Gaudi museum - did not go in tired of museum's

Astorga Cathedral - did not go in tired of cathedrals


We are THERE!!
Nine days to go to Santiago de Compostela!

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