Saturday, 4 April 2020

Camino Primitivo Alternate Route (April 4, 2020) - Day 9 O Cadavo to Lugo

Well today was quite the day...a great walking day! It was 7C this morning at 5:00 am and to be honest I was not quite feeling charged up for the day's walk...I knew it was going to be a long day and yesterday was a tough one.

However as I went out on the trail I noticed something that was really mysterious and that raised my spirits immediately. On the lower level of the Camino walking trail there were white luminous looking blotches here and there. I was really intrigued and that always gets me going...more on this later.

In total I walked 30.5 longest day yet for a total of 231kms in total...79 kms and I will enter Santiago de Compostela for the 3rd time! I am now 19.7 kms past intended stop for the night!

Around 7:00 am I became aware of two mysteries unfolding one of which involves the fellow with the orange ball and his dog. To recap Days 1-4 he had a big orange ball, Days 5 - 6 no orange ball (remember I felt very badly that he thought I was laughing at him and he chose to leave the ball at home...embarrassed!), Days 7 - 8 big orange ball is back (I am relieved!)

Imagine my dismay when this morning Day 9 again NO ORANGE BALL! Why? Then in my peripheral vision I noticed a bit of orange tucked under his arm...clearly a squished ball! So that explains Days 5 - 6 this fellow, while embarrassed, deflates the ball some days and inflates it later when playing with his dog. I did not see the pump however I am sure he had it on him...very clever...if he feels good the Orange Ball is in full display...if not he tucks the deflated ball under his arm and walks past me!

Mystery #1 for the day solved!!! I was feeling good and walking strongly down the Camino Primitivo path!

However Mystery # 2 very slowly revealed itself to me as the sunlight flooded the path below...
Mystery # 2 - What are cones for? Who placed them?
Writing refers to Bon Camino Papi!

Who created this circular path? I was absolutely mystified and in awe of the precision and amount of effort involved in it's creation.

First thought was...should I submit it as a potential UNESCO World Heritage site. According to the website there are a grand total of 1,121 recognized UNESCO World Heritage sites...could this be number 1,122? I resolved to dig into this further after my completing my walk today.

I then decided to compare walking on the current Camino path to the newly created mysterious Camino path. Here are two short videos.

Current Camino Path

Mysterious New Camino

My thoughts were all over the place as to who/what might have created the mysterious path. I am sometimes accused of having an overactive imagination and have read many articles on events/things that are not understood...I am fascinated by mysteries!!!! A small sample of what intrigues me...I likely believe in all of them at some level...
Loch Ness Monster
Bermuda Triangle
Camino Symbol - First clue to Mystery # 2
Take a look at this short video...


Mystery #2 Solved

Shortly thereafter as my imagination was running wild and I was trying to determine my next step in resolving this mystery my two favourite pilgrims arrived
Two favourite Pilgrims arrived!

And Rose in a super excited manner starts talking..."Did you see my heart? Elodie also drew things! I wrote Papi! My mom made the path!!!!"Mystery solved!

Ah that was fun...thanks Rose & Elodie and supporting cast member Lise!!! On to tomorrow!

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  1. I think that your previous entry on getting lost must have really worried your daughter. She obviously didn’t want you to get lost. There are no signs so be careful about which direction you go. You do not want to get lost in the labyrinth!