Monday, 6 April 2020

Camino Primitivo Alternate Route (April 6, 2020) - Day 11 Melide to Pedrouzo

Well I am almost there...and feeling a little bit this day's blog will be a short one! Perfect walking conditions again as I walked 26.0 kms for a total of 290 kms...only 20 kms to go to Santiago de Compostela!!!

A quiet day as my special pilgrims joined us around 8:15 am or 3 hours after my 5:15 am start. I don't know how they have been able to walk the 290 kms with me and still have the energy they have! Sometimes it seems they go non stop until of course there is a bit of a crash...remember pilgrim meltdown of a few days ago.

My walking today was not 100% on the special Camino Primitivo path...I would expect 2 - 3 kms were walked/run chasing after the special pilgrims in the wolf/little pigs game. Guess who is the big bad wolf? Not Rose, not Elodie!

As I walked out this morning saw a couple of visitors rambling around just outside the path...two of the city's finest...racoons. Early morning so the pictures are of a little on the dark side!
Early morning racoon
Early morning racoon

As this Camino Primitivo winds down one topic that I wanted to touch on briefly is the subject of Camino Beards. Yes I know may not seem a very important topic but it is one which has been a source of fun and frustration for me.

You see I would like to grow a beard however as soon as I get a ways into it (in this case all of 12 days or so) it get's quite itchy and doesn't look anything like the perfect beards one sees on tv etc etc.

Even my brother Marc, who walked with me on the Camino Frances, has a way better beard than mine and he is 16 months younger than me! Not fair! Also I just found out that Marc took an Ancestry test similar to the one I took a couple of years ago...and I am not happy!

Now the most interesting thing covered in the test was the % of Neanderthal remnants that one possesses. I had no idea that this could be tracked...the % is always very small however once I found out Marc took the test I was super interested in knowing his %.

I was sure Marc was way more Neanderthal than I am however not so... My test result indicated that I had more Neanderthal remnants than 91% of people tested by this company...Marc 25%!!! That was a big could that be? Me more neanderthal?

Anyway here are beard pictures of various pilgrims I have walked with...just for I am exhausted and almost done my Camino!

Don’t miss the last ALL TIME favourite Camino picture!
Current Camino Primitivo
Current Camino Primitivo
Marc (Brother) - Camino Frances, Camino Finisterre
Paulo (Brazil) - Camino Frances, Camino Portugues
Georges (aka Moses from Belgium) - Via Podiensis Camino
Cyrille (France) - Via Podiensis Camino, part ot Camino Frances, Camino Finisterre

One morning on the Camino Frances, without the benefit of a mirror, and knowing it would be a really hot day I applied sunscreen lotion...Marc and Paulo let me go out ion the trail looking like this!!! Really quite the look Guy!
Sunscreen morning!

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