Thursday, 2 April 2020

Camino Primitivo Alternate Route (April 2, 2020) - Day 7 Grandas de Salime to A Fonsegrada

Another superb day for walking...brilliant sunshine...7C early this morning at 5:15 am. Three major incidents took place today...pilgrim meltdown...heartwarming change of heart and an absolutely terrifying discovery.

I took it a little easier today and walked 23.6 kms giving me an overall total of 173.8 kms. I breezed through my intended destination of A Fonsagrada and and now within 7.9 kms of my next destination which is O Cadavo.

Pilgrim Meltdown

My two favourite pilgrims joined me today around 9:00 am and within minutes we decided to take a well earned rest.
Early morning rest!

We chatted about know how life was going...where they were planning on stopping after today's walk...which books they were know...stuff.

All was going well until Elodie, the youngest pilgrim, had what I can only call a Pilgrim Meltdown...see for yourself in attached short video. Now you should know that I have also had a few meltdowns over the 3,000 kms of Camino walking...sometimes it's tough, the days are long and things simply are not going as they should. It happens to all of us...I understand.

Thankfully Elodie was able to overcome the difficulties...sort of like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic I expect and the rest of the day was no problem at all! 

Oh almost may have noticed that today's email posting was properly longer Camino Portuguese 2018 and now Camino Primitivo 2020. YES! Now I did receive some well intentioned advice from an System Architect friend named Greg (other System Architect friend Cal left me high and dry) who proposed a solution. Well Greg tried however this solution was too simplistic however it triggered an ah hah moment for me and voila I found where the revision was needed under Email Branding! Probably a System Architect's wild idea to have stuffed the change under this name in the first place!

Heartwarming Change of Heart

Well yesterday I mentioned my guilty feelings about the fellow who walks his dog every day around 7 am. For the first 4 days he had this very big orange ball with him...clearly to allow his dog to play and have fun. The next 2 days no orange ball...I am convinced he mistook my look of incredulity (that someone would have a big orange ball) the wrong I felt awful!!!

Imagine how great I felt this morning when he was walking with the orange ball again!!! Ah that simply made my day and the guilty feeling I had been carrying with me melted away. My walking pace increased significantly for quite a while after that...I was pumped!

Absolutely Terrifying Discovery I talk quite a bit about dangerous animals...well I did not see the animal in question but imagine...just let your mind run wild at what type of animal could a) steal the sweet potato shown below, b) lug it up to the top of the fence and c) take huge chunks out of it 

This is incredible...a coyote? an enormous raccoon? a wolf? certainly not a squirrel...and certainly not a human trying to play a trick on me!!!

I almost left the Camino path after seeing this...I was in shock!
What wild animal could have done this?

Finally I have had a few readers mention that I was forgetting to post my food pictures...they were right of course so I am including a few pictures of food I have eaten over the past 7 days while on the Camino Primitivo. Enjoy...I certainly have!


  1. I have NO IDEA where Elodie learned that particular style of temper tantrum. I was surprised she didn’t pick up the chair and throw it across the lawn, car top carrier style.

  2. Hi Guy, As I said I had no idea what I was talking about but I think my SA role was to help facilitate problem solving. So in that regard I am glad I could help! In fairness to Cal, he retired even before me, so his SA skills have probably diminished even more than mine.