Monday, 28 September 2015

Thames River Walk (Sep 28, 2015) - Wallingford to Goring-on-Thames

Today was I my opinion the most scenic stretch of walking to date and the weather once again was sunny and warm enough to wear shorts. Everyone we meet comments on the nice walking weather...we sure have lucked out big time! We walked 14 km's in about 4 hours...a nice pace.

A real plus is that with a night's rest Elaine was good to go today and walked very well. So far everyone in the group has done extremely well...the merry band of five is in good form. The word blister has surprisingly and thankfully not appeared!

Today was a peaceful day and my blog will basically consist of animal or ghosts today as both have taken a rest...thankfully. Kudos to Dave who noticed on the wall of the John Barleycorn Inn that we are staying in the WiFi address and password!

Last night we ate at the Queen's Head pub...all of us had the traditional Sunday supper of roast beef, Yorkshire pudding and associated vegetables. Dawn and I have taken to sharing meals considering the large portion sizes...although we did have a side order of vegetables and British onion rings to balance things off. This plus a pint of ale and a pint of water rounded things out...oh except for a superb berry, yogurt and ice cream dessert which we shared between the five of us.

How can one go wrong?
This morning at breakfast at Little Gables we were in for a real treat as this B&B was a delightful compliments to the trip organizer...oh that would be me!

Little Gables breakfast treat ! Our modest table setting!

Local sausage, roasted potatoes and house chutney!
On every one of my walking adventures I come across some interesting are but a few we came across today. Also the day in absolutely beautiful walk!


What a relief NOT to have Dennis in a picture!
Any ideas what this means?

Sure looks safe!

Ok ok I get it!
For Dennis

Fall foliage colours!

Fall foliage colours!

Tombstones on a hillside

And for my little granddaughter Rose...a possible activity!

Tomorrow on to Reading...a longer day at 18 km's however a day of rest after that and a chance for Dennis and Elaine to see their daughter Maria! I am sure both are very much looking forward to seeing Maria and likewise Maria to see her maman Elaine!

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