Saturday, 26 September 2015

Thames River Walk (Sep 26, 2015) - Abington to Shillingford

Another superb day of walking on day two under sunny skies and warm conditions...this is the best time of the year to walk without a doubt. We walked, ambled, strolled 20 km's or so over 5.5 hours.

From my perspective everyone is walking very well considering this is the first time for long distance walking for the group...with one exception. While I consider Dennis to be a good friend I must say that his walking speed is somewhere between an injured snail or a slow turtle. PLEASE where is that red wagon!

There were some really nice segments to the walk today and a number of areas like coming into Clifton Camden which I consider as point A to point B one foot in front of the other and don't get fussed about scenery.

Before going into today's walk which included what is likely the most terrifying event of my various walks to date and also one of the most interesting chance meetings...let's go back to last night.

Terry at Abbey House recommended the Spread Eagle for was full when we arrived however we were lucky enough to get a small table in the bar area. Dave sat on the window ledge looking somewhat pathetic and Dawn and/or Elaine batted their eyelids to catch the young barman's attention and voila we had a table! Dennis of course did nothing to help.

This is considered light bites in England!

My fish and potato
Everything was incredibly delicious (Dave gave a 5 star rating on Yelp) and after key lime pie we headed off to Abbey House where Terry offered us tea/coffee and treats to die for...a few additional pictures before turning in.

Terry's treats

Why do some people say I look goofy?

Elaine why? There had to be better choices!
 Morning breakfast was again a huge treat!       
Dawn's kippers
Dawn had kippers...if you ever want to hear the most boring story ever ask Dennis about kippers...apparently when he was second in command on some war ship his job, read only job, was to carry kippers to the he doesn't like kippers. That's the story...the whole story.

We started off bright and early at 9:45...and very quickly Dave and Dawn got us that point I resumed route finding however because of their poor sense of direction we came upon a local fair day.

Ok not ghosts but aliens!!!
For most of the day we were in for varied shown through pictures

Well a little less scenic


Ok ugly...and hard on the feet!
An interesting bridge along the way

Another neat bridge

To Dennis's family we tried!

Somewhere along the trail we met two young ladies, Erin and Geraldine, and had a very interesting chat. They are walking 260 miles from Cardiff to London to both challenge themselves and raise funds for two causes Hope & Homes for Children and Stay Corps.

Their website is Have a is a great would be fantastic if through this posting we were able to help them out as they were really nice people to meet. We assured them that our group would fit in well with their slow theme...well at least one member of the group that is!


Jean, Dave's lovely spouse, may be wondering if Dave is really on this trip or if he is off carousing with young ladies somewhere. Jean rest is proof Dave is with us every step of the way! Thank goodness or I would be alone with that other fellow!

Proof that Dave is with us
Something we don't often see in North America...kind of gives one the creeps!

WW2 "pill box" where machine guns were set up to ensure a Nazi landing in opposite field would not be successful
All along the river there are series of locks which are quite interesting...I.e lift one gate to equalize water...boat enters between both gates...then lift second gate then let boat out.


Well it's time! Here is what happened as best as I can remember...I am shaking as I am writing this. First the sign (ok the sign was after we saw the cows and protecting walkers coming from the opposite direction however folks please pretend!)

The sign!!!

Next we are in the field where Dave and I are quickly are surrounded by cows...most of them looking mean and hungry! They seem to have a leader too. We were really scared and each picked up the best weapon available....cow patties.

Just when we were ready to throw them along strolls Dennis and he walks right into the cows...and unbelievably they part. He is like Moses leading us through the desert! We are stunned and grateful until we get too close to Dennis and understand why. Hmm...his shirt has not been washed for who knows how long and the cows accepted him as their new leader! We were really grateful for Dennis' leadership...he has earned the title "Master leader through cow herds" and we will have to find a way to fully recognize this feat of bravery.

Before they circled Dave and me!!!
After that it was clear sailing to Shillingford and home sweet home!

On the way to Marsh House B&B

We made it!
Sorry Rose pictures today...tomorrow will be our biggest test yet...6 kms!!!

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