Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Camino Portuguese - Quick Test

A very sharp eyed reader (good friend Cal was a System Architect while pretending to work) mentioned to me that my email title referred to Thames River Walk - 2015 and not Camino the reason for this quick test blog is to see if I can correct this (no way to test other than post a blog entry).

Now the Thames River walk was a great one and I highly recommend it. I have many fond memories of walking with Dawn, Elaine and Dave... as to the other fellow (a good friend) called Dennis...well let’s just say his wh*n*ng was quite something. This picture says it all...time for Camino Portugues

Dennis at his finest carrying garbage

Now Cal helped me out so my turn ...see Cal has published a couple of books (were on best seller list at McNally Robinson). Cal’s research and knowledge is really top notch (Has PHD in computer science which is on par with being an Actuary I would say).

I am the process of rereading the first book Emergence and very much enjoying the read. I also have Liberation as a Kindle edition for Camino reading.
Note the above is the Amazon link to Cal’s books

Now this blog has 120 subscribers who receive email notification plus likely millions who simply go to the blog daily. Now let’s assume that optimistically 10 of the 120 subscribers actually read the blog entries...then those 10 tell 10 of their friends about Cal’s books and this happens for 4 more cycles...then 1,111,110 people will find out about Cal’s books (Actuaries are busy verifying this number I can guarantee!).

Finally if a measly 10% buy Cal’s books he will have sold 111,111 x 2 = 222,222 books...that should place him on the Amazon Bestseller list. Come on let’s make this happen!

On to Lisbon!!!



  1. Thanks, Guy. My books and I appreciate the support. I hope your immersion in the plots doesn't cause you to miss any flights or important signs of dangerous wildlife. Happy hiking. - Cal.

  2. Cal...I wish you the best with the book sales...I expect my blog entry may well put you in best seller territory...please provide me with a graphical representation of sales pre/post blog comment. Seriously everyone...let's make Cal a Best seller and enjoy a good enjoyable read in the process! Guy