Thursday, 24 April 2014

Camino Frances (April 24, 2014) - Day 62 Zariquiegui to Villatuerta

Another excellent day of walking 32 kilometres over just over 7 hours. Overall a fairly easy walk, except for the distance, with a good climb early to Alto Perdon and an equally challenging descent. There were a few concerns going into the day - Marc with his foot problems and the weather forecast of severe weather...strong winds...possible hail starting around 1:00.

Happy to report that the special medication Paulo brought with him really helped Marc and the weather, other than some rain showers, held nicely.

Four of us were walking together today...Paulo, Malte and the two of us...brothers in case you had not picked up on this earlier. Overall a strong walking group and very good company.

Back to last evening where we had a Pilgrims supper, United Nations style, Paulo (Brazil), Malte (Netherlands originally from Germany), couple from Sweden, Julia (Germany), Marie-Claude (France), Derrick (Ireland), German and French guys. Super interesting!

Supper was very good but the highlight was dessert where most of the group received an ice cream treat, three others a banana (lactose intolerance) and your truly...NADA, NOTHING, TOTALLY FORGOTTEN!

A picture of my dessert! - NADA
Everyone laughed however Julia offered me hers...she did not want it she said...I felt terrible however she insisted I take it! Later I said I felt guilty however she said I shouldn't. Oh well she received a Canadian lapel pin as did 6 others at the table.

My stolen (almost) dessert
Nancy, Pierre and Jacques you should know that as I am writing this Marc is having major problems with the iTouch just bounced off the bed!!!

Future pilgrims...the Posada Adorgi in Zariquiegui is highly recommended...sleeping quarters tight however clean, good food with a nice sitting area.

We got off to an early start this morning at 6:40. Marc with his foot issues indicated that he would be slowing down and walking with Paulo and taking cues from him for resting, stretching etc. For those who know him you will be shocked to see this picture taken about five minutes after we left!

Yes leading the pack! Good intentions!
Alto Perdon

Alto Perdon

Alto Perdon - Famous Sculptures

Guy and Paulo
Malte is an interesting young IT Project Manager with Mercedes Benz (no I don't hold that against him!) who is walking the Camino for two weeks. He is hoping to get as far as Leon and return next year to complete the Camino Frances. He speaks five languages...puts us North Americans to shame! I'm hoping we will keep walking together for a while...will see how it goes. A few other pictures from the day...

Marc in the distance

Medieval bridge in Puente la Reina
After Puenta la Reina we started seeing more pilgrims as other routes such as the Camino Aragonnes terminate here. 

Example of what I mean...felt like the Hillary step on Mount Everest!

Map of the World in a field!
As far as Canadian lapel pins I lost count...likely 15 to 20...when it strikes my fancy I just simply turn to a fellow pilgrim when passing and ask where they are from and hand out a pin(s). For me great fun...for them...who is this weird guy from Canada!

About 4.5 kilometres from Villatuerta we came upon a vending machine...everyone was was raining and I was getting cold. We each bought some kind of chocolate bar and drink. Paulo bought a Coke and Kit Kat bar then was walking like a bat out of hell...we all really upped our pace to keep up and we covered the last 4.5 kms in 50 or so minutes! Unfortunately the sugar rush resulted in a crash for Paulo just 5 minutes from Villatuerta.

I am now in Casa Magica in Villatuerta...really this place is magical...super nice room for the four so us. Great washroom facilities and showers...looking forward to supper tonight. 

Paulo, Owners, Marc, Malte, me with shining heart - after a beer
Calamari etc.

On to tomorrow...planning in full progress


  1. Enjoying following the blog. Tell Marc he doesn't always have to be first!!! Hope his feet are doing better...though he's a bit of a complainer :-) Take care Scott Webber

    1. Scott,

      Have delivered the message to Marc...on the first point well you know him well...on the complainer side the two of you will have to talk this out;)

  2. Glad to see you received dessert as your complaining over the potential lack of would have proven to be worse for the group than Marc's snoring. LOVE the food pics according to Todd. Renee madly trying to get caught up with your entries. Love to you both. Your sister, stuck at home, i.e. NOT on this walk with you. Pauline

    1. Ah Pauline...such a sweet loving message:). I do not complain...people are just nice to me! As to being on the Camino we asked my dear sister.


  3. Hi Papa,
    I’m glad to hear that things are going well, and you’re enjoying yourself. Steven and I are enjoying travelling with you in spirit with the blog posts! Also, I have a few comments….

    1. As for not getting served ice cream, I know three girls that have zero sympathy…karma’s a real b-word (I’m keeping your blog PG).
    2. As for the iTouch device “reboundissing” on the bed. I’m picturing that this occurred in a similar fashion as a certain car top carrier “reboundissing” on the grass outside our house (circa 2005). And because of that I started doing a silent laugh until I cried. But don ‘t worry, when all else fails, usually throwing things on the ground is the best (or most entertaining solution).

    Love you lots! Lise

    1. Lise,

      Merci pour le message...cette incident n'a j'aimais arrivé avec le car top carrier...tu as inventé ceci. Mais oncle Marc c'est un peut drôle.

      Je t'aime


  4. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha,
    The BEST part of the car top carrier throwing incident was papa's look of complete and utter shame about 5 minutes later. Oh pops.

  5. Jeanne,

    SVP voir mon commentaire à Jeanne...c'est incident est effacé de ma mémoire alors elle n'est pas arrive. Pas de "shame" ne m'en rappelle pas du tout.

    Je t'aime