Saturday, 15 June 2013

Flickr Picture & Photobombing

After many false starts, emails to technical forums , setting up a Flickr account, downloading a Flickr studio app from the Apple App Store, adding a link to my blog page and countless trial and error tries I think I have done it!

Please see in the top right hand corner Guy's Camino Updates and the link Camino Flickr pictures underneath. Clicking on this will take you to my Flickr account where different photo sets are stored.  There are five sets at present:

Nepal 1996 - trip with my dad and brother
Japan 2012 - trip to see two daughters 
Egypt 2005- trip with my dad
Guy's 2013 Planned Camino 
Guy's Photobombing

Guy's 2013 Planned Camino

Through previous efforts I managed to set up my trip on Google Earth including planned daily stops on my walk on Google Earth. I say planned as I clearly will deviate from the "Plan" however it's been great fun to try.

Using my iPad mini I took a picture of each day's stop with information about the place I intend to sleep overnight. 

Guy's Photobombing

While in Japan in last year my daughter Jeanne showed me how to photobomb myself in a picture. In the Flickr folder are my first four creations. I am very grateful to have learned this important photo technique and hope to put it to full use while on the Camino. Every once in a while have a look in the folder.

Sample photobomb - looking good near Mt. Fuji
On my walk if I can remember how to do the uploads, downloads, edits etc. I plan on posting any pictures taken likely in various folders representing the various routes walked. I have no photography skills so be forewarned!

Only 6 weeks to go before I leave!

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  1. I did not teach you how to photobomb yourself! *shakes head*
    At least I was mentioned...must mean I'm more loved.